The warehouse can digitally manage inbound and outbound inventory

JD Logistics recently announced the opening of its second warehouse in Dubai, UAE. Joining the company’s global logistics network, the new warehouse can provide end-to-end supply chain services that cover Asia, Africa and Europe for local and cross-border merchants, the company said in a statement.

Located in Dubai Industrial City, a 20-minute drive from the Port of Jebel Ali, this warehouse with an area of 12,000 sq m, provides logistics services ranging from concentrated transportation, sea transportation, air transportation, transition, customs clearance to warehousing, sorting, labeling, dropshipping and more, for both bulky and small to medium-sized products, and meeting both B2C and B2B fulfilment requirements. Adopting JD Logistics’ self-developed management system, the warehouse can digitally manage inbound and outbound inventory, thus precisely predicting the trends and allocating distribution resources accordingly to improve logistics efficiency.

Fordeal is an emerging cross-border e-commerce platform in the Middle East. Leveraging the self-developed warehouse management system, JD Logistics helps Fordeal build an intelligent inventory management system which can manage inventory digitally and make forecasts and plans accurately. JD Logistics also provides an intelligent packing recommendation system to save more packaging materials. Since cooperating with JD, Fordeal’s warehousing costs has been reduced by 30 per cent, while fulfillment accuracy reached 99.5 per cent. Fordeal’s order outbound time has also been shortened to 12 hours from 24 hours.

“JD Logistics provides us with customized services and a special team to handle inventory,” said Yun Qing, head of Fordeal warehousing in Dubai.