Tareq Fakhro

LEAP 2023, Saudi Arabia’s global tech event, will gather many of the world’s most innovative technology professionals, when it opens in Riyadh on February 6, 2023 to run until February 9 at Riyadh Front Expo Centre.

LEAP is focused on bringing together the world’s greatest minds; from leading tech corporations to pioneers from the next generation of start-ups and venture capitalists to make it all happen. It is a great platform for business and collaboration that will bring business innovative ideas, remarkable innovations, and emerging developments in technology, all under one roof.

This will be the second edition of the technology conference which has been launched with the theme of ‘Into New Worlds’. The first edition of the conference was held in February 2022 attracted more than 100,000 visitors and was a resounding success. The expo will provide an edge for tech innovators and industry professionals from all over the world to discuss the latest technological developments and trends.

WorkSmart for Events Management together with the Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) will be facilitating Bahraini companies’ participation at the LEAP. The conference will draw international participation and is a unique expo that introduces future technologies.

BTECH called on all Bahraini professionals, investors, decision makers, and tech workers to get in touch in order to organize their attendance in discovering business opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

BTECH Chairman Tareq Fakhro, said: “LEAP is the largest technology conference in the region and provides expert insights and cutting-edge content concerning key tech topics that will help boost the IT industry. The expo represents a new opportunity for IT companies from Bahrain to meet leading tech companies and policy makers who will attend from around the world. 

“The expo will provide a unique opportunity for insights into the very latest technological transformations.”

WorkSmart’s CEO Ahmed Alhujairy said: “WorkSmart will provide everything necessary for Bahraini companies attending the LEAP next year, ensuring that they can get the very most out of their participation. Bahraini attendees will be able to gain knowledge from the exhibitors, which will help them contribute to the development of the IT sector in Bahrain.”