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YAS to set up new production line

Maha Mofeez (left) and Ali Al Haddad announcing the Yas Factory expansion plan

Bahrain-based Yas Factory has announced an expansion plan, which will employ 40 Bahrainis, increase factory production and boost exports to the region. The plan is supported by Bahrain’s Labour Fund Tamkeen.

YAS’s new production line is expected to reduce raw material imports, increase employment of Bahraini talent to 40 additional employees and raise its export capacity to neighbouring markets.

Since 2012, YAS Holding has operated through its subsidiaries, including The Closets International and Yas Factory with showrooms located across the Gulf. The company specialises in designing, manufacturing, and distributing wooden furniture using premium raw materials.



Tamkeen’s support for YAS Factory is in line with the Industrial Sector Strategy (2022-2026) which was announced as part of the kingdom’s Economic Recovery Plan, and aims to increase the contribution of the industrial sector to the national GDP, as well as increase industrial local exports and create quality job opportunities for the national workforce.

Maha Mofeez, Acting Chief Executive of Tamkeen, emphasised the importance of supporting enterprises in the manufacturing sector, saying: “Supporting local enterprises in the rapidly growing manufacturing sector creates high value sustainable job opportunities for Bahrainis, as well as positions the kingdom as a manufacturing hub that serves both local and regional markets, thus strengthening the competitiveness of the ‘Made in Bahrain’ label on a global scale and driving sustainable economic growth in the kingdom.”



Ali Al Haddad, Managing Director at YAS Holding, expressed his gratitude for the partnership with Tamkeen and stressed the active role it plays in ensuring the continued growth and expansion of the company. He stated: “We appreciate Tamkeen’s support for our growth and expansion plans. With their support, YAS Holding was able to increase its production and expand its reach by opening showrooms in neighbouring countries. We now aspire to further expand and develop, by employing national talent and presenting more Bahraini products to regional and international markets.”