Borouge, a major petrochemical company based in Abu Dhabi, has joined hands with Ravago, a global leader in recycling polyolefin raw materials, for the production and marketing of sustainable solutions across the Mena region.

Borouge is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) and Borealis, a leading international producer of chemical and plastics solutions headquartered in Austria.

Announcing the joint collaboration, Borouge said it will enable the group to tap into a growing market of enhanced by-products in the Mena region, while helping lower the carbon footprint of manufacturing applications. By-products occur in all manufacturing processes.

The collaboration with Ravago involves the sorting and filtering of by-product polymers, which are then reprocessed, before recompounding them for sale to customers for use in value add manufacturing applications.

Maitha Al Marashi, Acting Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs, said: “Borouge is a responsible company and committed to providing more competitive and sustainable solutions for its customers.”

“Following the success of the first phase of our collaboration, we are assessing the addition of post-consumer recyclates (PCR) to the reprocessed by-products - enabling Borouge to further expand its Mena portfolio of circular solutions, while promoting higher recyclability in end-use products,” she noted.