Bandar Ibrahim Alkhorayef

The second Future Minerals Forum (FMF), from January 10 to 12, 2023 in Riyadh, will gather global mining industry leaders and provide a platform to discuss the future potential of mining in Africa and the Western and Central Asia.

Speaking about the event, the Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar Ibrahim Alkhorayef, said: “FMF is a one-of-a-kind event for global mining leaders to convene, discuss and explore the new mining hub emerging from Africa to Western and Central Asia. With vast untapped mineral resources, these lands represent significant investment opportunities for those with the vision and capabilities to support the development of the global circular carbon economy and the transformation of the energy sector.”

FMF is expected to welcome more than 9,000 participants and 170 prominent international speakers, including government ministers, mining investment leaders and heads of major mining companies from more than 100 countries. On January 10 the Ministerial Roundtable will be attended by high-level government delegations and non-governmental organisations involved in the mining sector.



On January 11 and 12, FMF will host numerous sessions, presentations and discussions on regional and international topics related to the sector. Among the issues on the agenda are:

•The global outlook and future of mining, regionally and worldwide

•The sector’s critical role in the energy transition

•The contribution of mining to the development of societies

•Mining opportunities in the kingdom and the wider region that stretches from Africa to Western and Central Asia.

The event also will provide opportunities for attendees to explore how they can collaborate more closely to maximise the benefits of mining for sustainable economic development, the development of integrated value chains, technology, and sustainability.

The first edition of FMF, held in January 2022, was attended by governments, international organisations, major mining companies, financial institutions, academics and researchers. Participants unanimously agreed on the importance of the region (Africa, West and Central Asia) in meeting global mineral demand thanks to its unique geology and significant reserves of high-demand mineral commodities.

Moreover, attendees praised Saudi Arabia for its mining sector, agreeing that the nation has all the right ingredients to become a centre of mining excellence, able to lead the development of the industry from Africa to West and Central Asia.