Bahrain imported goods worth BD378 million ($1.002 billion) during January of this year and exported national origin products amounting to approximately BD192 million ($509.28 million), according to official data.

China topped the list of exporters to Bahrain with BD54 million worth of goods coming from the country; the UAE came second with BD38 million; and the US ranked third with BD29 million, said the Information & eGovernment Authority’s (iGA) foreign trade report.

In terms of exports from Bahrain, top 10 countries accounted for 87 per cent of the exported national origin value and 13 per cent went to other countries.

Saudi Arabia was ranked the leading country importing from Bahrain with the value reaching BD55 million; the US came the second with BD41 million and the UAE took the third place with BD21 million.

As for exported products, agglomerated iron ores and concentrates were the top products exported in January 2017 with a value of BD29 million; aluminum wires took the second spot with a value of BD24 million; and rectangular alloyed aluminum plates took third place with BD19 million.

Meanwhile the value of re-exports from the kingdom reached BD44 million. The top 10 countries accounted for 90 per cent of the re-exported value and 10 per cent went to other countries. Saudi Arabia ranked top for re-exports from Bahrain with a value of BD21 million, UAE ranked second with BD5 million, and China came third with BD4 million.

Jeep cars were the top products re-exported from Bahrain with a value of BD6.3 million, cigarettes came as second products with BD5.7 million, and private vehicles came third with BD2.5 million.

The trade balance, difference between exports and imports, declined with the deficit in January 2017 reaching BD138 million, the report said.