Danfoss, a leading manufacturer of electronic and mechanical components and controls for air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration, industrial, and water systems, has announced the launch of its first technical support office in Saudi Arabia.

Serving clients in the kingdom for over 50 years through distributors and agents, Danfoss is now expanding its presence in the region through investing in the new office, said senior officials during a ceremony held in Jeddah to mark the office launch. The facility will provide technical support on the ground and as per company’s international standards, they stated.

“Saudi Arabia is a key market and having an official presence in the region will not only further cement our position as a market leader, but will also provide our clients with the unparalleled customer service and technical support that Danfoss proudly delivers through a local office,” stated Levent Taskin, Danfoss president of the Turkey, Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. The company is also firmly committed to supporting Saudi Arabia to reach its 2030 vision through providing the most innovative and sustainable solutions for the cooling, heating and industrial
sectors. Not new to the region, Danfoss has been working on many projects in the kingdom including airports, seaports, hospitals, and financial districts to increase the energy efficiency of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) sector, as well as refrigeration and other industrial systems.

“To be further investing in expanding our footprint in the Middle East is a very exciting time for us at Danfoss,” he added. Ole Frijis-Madsen, the Ambassador of Denmark to Saudi Arabia said Danish companies will be close partners in the implementation of the ambitious and timely Vision 2030 which the Saudi leadership wisely introduced last year.