Power Generation

Eaton to showcase energy transition tech at Middle East Energy

Global power management company Eaton will be showcasing its innovative technologies aimed at supporting the energy transition journey at Middle East Energy (MEE) 2023 which runs from March 7 to 9 in Dubai.

Energy transition is driving fundamental changes to electrical infrastructure with the rapid increase of many forms of distributed energy resources installed on customer sites and Eaton is leading this transformation, said the company in its statement.

The top firm said it is helping residential, commercial and industrial customers add more renewables and storage to their energy mix and transmit energy back onto the grid in addition to maintaining power during outages and contributing to grid stability.

These factors are creating an ‘Everything as a Grid’ environment in which energy consumers are able to produce, consume and sell energy back through a more dynamic grid.

Through Eaton's Everything as a Grid approach to the energy transition, different stakeholders are able to play a role in generating, balancing, storing and distributing electricity – which are historically done by utilities, it stated.

These include residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) properties, such as data centers, factories and electric vehicle (EV) transport operators, it added.

Eaton said it will be showcasing a suite of electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions mainly designed for Middle East’s unique businesses and operational environment.

"Visitors at our MEE booth will also get to see how we’re reimagining innovation by adapting digital technologies - connected devices, data models and insights - to transform power management for safer, more sustainable and efficient power use," remarked Ashraf Yehia, the managing director of Eaton Middle East.  

"They can also interact with product experts for touchscreen demonstrations on our Brightlayer digital platform, low-voltage power distribution and control systems, critical power systems and data centre solutions and our EV charging infrastructure," he stated.

"As per a report we shared earlier, the Intersection of Digital Transformation and the Energy Transition, it highlighted that although 77% of companies expect to transition away from their current power sources, only half are currently executing the digital strategies needed to navigate this shift," he said.

Founded in 1911, Eaton is marking its 100th anniversary of being listed on the New York Stock Exchange. A major ghlobal player serving customers in more than 170 countries had reported revenues of $20.8 billion last year.

Yehia pointed out that Eaton's energy transition solutions catered to the issues businesses were facing in the necessary shift towards a low-carbon future.

"With these solutions, and through continued collaboration with the broader industry, we hope to empower more organizations in the Middle East to reach their sustainability development goals," noted Yehia.

"Our dynamic range of products and solutions can be used safely to manage power efficiently across different market segments. We look forward to sharing our expertise with customers and industry leaders at MEE 2022," he added.