Mavridis and Al Nouri

ACICO Group, a leading manufacturer of building materials and construction and engineering services, announced the appointment of Vassilis Mavridis in the position of Chief Operating Officer, and Ahmed Hamed Al Nouri as General Manager of the Group’s AAC Block Factories. ACICO expressed its aspiration to the contribution of each of them in adding value to the performance of the company’s operations, in a way that supports its strategic goals and future path. Commenting on the occasion, the company said that both Mavridis and Al Nouri have had illustrious careers, with 25 to 30 years of deep field experience. Mavridis has extensive industrial and field experience in Europe and the Middle East, including the establishment of operational processes, manufacturing management, productivity and technological development, as well as crisis management. He has high professional skills in organising production processes and personnel management, ACICO said.