Officials at the agreement signing ceremony

Food Tech Valley, a project of Dubai-based wasl Asset Management Group and centring around food, innovation, knowledge, technology and sustainability, has signed an agreement with the International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) to support its parent entity, Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS); in bid to step up food security efforts; and achieve a sustainable future for agriculture.

Food Tech Valley will empower IFPA members with best practices in AgriTech by exchanging expertise and operational excellence through industry training, conferences and events, stated Ahmed AlShaibani, the Food Tech Valley Project Lead, after signing the agreement with Yerlan A. Baidulet, the Chairman of International IFPA, on the sidelines of Gulfood Manufacturing 2022.

The collaboration will enable IFPA to continue fostering robust relations between agricultural businesses across IOFS member states and empowering B2B cooperation among OIC private sectors.

“The partnership with IFPA will help Food Tech Valley in the consolidation of its mission to help its members distribute and promote agri-food products and champion top companies in the OIC/IOFS markets; it will also facilitate partnerships in food-processing and the wider food supply chain,” he stated.

Yerlan A. Baidulet said: “IFPA, a subsidiary of IOFS, can help enable food security for the OIC countries. Through private sector collaboration, IFPA will assist OIC members in building food manufacturing capacity and expanding trade opportunities. With IFPA relocating to UAE, with Dubai as its headquarters, IFPA is in a geo-strategic location that has the infrastructure to catalyze the improvement of the food manufacturing value chain,” he noted.