Ali Al Baqali

Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) has discussed the dynamic market situation with its ups and downs and how to achieve its 2022 production and safety targets.

At a one-day Alignment and Synergy Workshop hosted by Alba Chief Executive Officer Ali Al Baqali, the company’s Executives, Directors and Managers were prepped for Alba’s 2023 objective given the heightened uncertainty and challenges in the market.

Speaking at the workshop, CEO Al Baqali said: “As the markets always change, we must be where the market is going and learn how to trade the market sentiment for Alba’s benefits.



“We can’t change the market sentiment; however, we can change the way we think to be able to blend in and this can only be done through building a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another as well as our synergy as a management team.”

Al Baqali’s keynote focused on the importance of aligning Alba business units’ strategies to ensure a successful year ahead despite the challenges. The company’s Executives – Chief Operating Officer Dr Abdulla Habib, Chief Financial Officer Bryan, Chief Marketing Officer Khalid A Latif, Chief Power Officer Amin Sultan and Chief Supply Officer Waleed Tamimi – also made presentations on their respective group’s achievements for the current year and outlook for 2023.

A special session on ‘Applied Psychology’ was also conducted by a well-known sports personality and Director of the Olympic Academy at the Bahrain Olympic Committee Dr Nabeel Taha Al Shehab (PhD in Positive Psychology) on cognitive, motivational, affective, and behavioural psychological factors that play a key role in work and organisational settings.