GMCI: cementing its leading position in Bahrain

The Gulf Membrane and Coating Industries (GMCI), the Bahrain-based industry leading manufacturer of waterproofing membrane and construction chemicals, has recently announced the production of a new high-quality product; Bituguard, which is highly used in the foundation of buildings to protect them from water and corrosion.

The company confirmed that the new product is available in the market, as part of its commitment to continue providing the local and regional markets with advanced technology products conforming to international quality and safety standards.

Bituguard is a multi-layer thermally bonded board, manufactured from selected additives, which are bonded together in polymer modified bitumen and then sandwiched between layers of saturated fibreglass and polyethylene liners. Each board has a polyethylene surface which acts as an anti-stick interleaf while packing.

With its high puncture resistance, Bituguard protects the waterproofing membranes from any impact by sharp aggregates during the backfill process and later settlements.

“Bituguard has been designed for use as a permanent protection to most waterproofing systems. It is distinguished by its leading features, which include being non-bio-degradable, weather, warp and rot proof, tough and durable, provides improved heat and puncture resistance, and excellent resistance to chemicals, in addition to its compatibility with most waterproofing systems,” Fareed Bader, Chairman of GMCI, commented.

“Since its establishment in 1992 as a leading manufacturer of waterproofing membrane and construction chemicals, GMCI has spared no effort in providing unique, durable and reliable products to its clients in the Kingdom of Bahrain and abroad. The introduction of Bituguard comes within our strategic plans to limit the reliance of the local market on imported products and meeting the demand of high-quality products. GMIC is committed to provide distinctive products and services, with no compromise on quality, and our future strategic plans include going green and utilising solar energy, in order to contribute to achieving the goals set by our Respected Government and the Sustainable Energy Authority to reduce CO2 emissions by 2035.”

GMCI produces 12 different products and exports to 25 countries in the world, including countries in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region, far eastern and European countries. The company is one of the leading Bahraini manufacturers and has a tangible contribution to the kingdom’s industrial sector, which the third biggest contributor to Bahrain’s GDP with 16 per cent.