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Meba looking for new customers

A furnace at Meba

Metals of Bahrain (Meba), a company engaged in engineering castings and precision machining, has doubled its production capacity and is eyeing markets in the Gulf region and even the West.

“The company has traditionally been a major supplier to Saudi Arabia, which imports as much as 90 per cent of Meba’s output, but now with production capacity having doubled to 200 tonnes monthly, we are scouting for business in other markets,” said production manager Saeed Peshimam.

Last year the company supplied a client in Qatar, identified as Oryx, with pump products. “The successful implementation of the order has encouraged Meba to seek growth in diverse markets not excluding the West where there have been closures of foundries because of economics. Here we have ecofriendly facilities and production is economical,” said Peshimam, adding that Meba would compete with Chinese suppliers and offer a stronger qualitative edge.

Meba utilises as much as 70 per cent of its production capacity. In 2014, Meba saw its Saudi exports down 10 to 15 per cent because, as it explained, there were staff problems related to Saudi clients which crippled work in many facilities in the country.

Parts made for the crusher and cement industry

Parts made for the crusher and cement industry

Some 50 per cent of Meba’s output is distributed by a Riyadh-based sister firm, Saudi Cast. The other half of output is sold directly by Meba.

Customers that Meba directly supplies are Sadip, Weir, Amco, Flowserve, Modern Precast, Saudi AVK Valves, Bin Habib, ITT, Saudi Mechanical Industries and Al Khorayef, among others.

It is expected that Meba will be supplying pump parts directly to Saudi Aramco in the near future.

Meba was established in 1992 and with more than 25 years’ experience it believes it is well placed for growth. In June it will looks for the opportunities at an exhibition in Germany.

“Our main strength is our diversified range in terms of alloys and shapes, ranging from 2 kg to 2 tonnes. Our range is vast and we’re a unique foundry,” asserted Peshimam.

Meba’s product range includes customised copper-based casting, stainless steel corrosion resistant items, specialist steel and ferrous alloys that are heat, wear, impact and pressure resistant.

In 2013 the company launched its latest production line for casting bronze and steel alloys. Meba has specialised in gravity sand casting, Centrifugal castings, 3D scanning for reverse engineering, CNC machining, fabrication, welding, heat treatment and pattern production.

Meba is the biggest manufacturer of specially alloyed cast parts in Bahrain, casting all stainless steel alloys, low alloy steels, cast iron, bronze, brass and aluminium for customised parts requirements related to crushers, cement machines, pumps and valves as well as parts for the oil field and other industries.

Centrifugally cast hollow bars and flanges

Centrifugally cast hollow bars and flanges

“A predominant Meba product is an alloy of steel which is used for crusher industries. The alloy accounts for 60 to 70 per cent of our output. Next is bronze, making up 10 to 15 per cent,” said

“The company also uses aluminium of different grades, especially LM4 grade for pump industries. Applications are pump industries, oilfields, cement crushers and valves.

“We make sure we have LM4 in stock just as we ensure we have adequate stocks of other metals.

“For certain industries we make heat resistant items that have a high percentages of chromium and nickel.

“Anything that can be drawn can be cast at Meba.”

The company has a facility for centrifugal casting and another for reverse engineering where a sample is studied, a drawing generated through a 3D scanner, testing of the sample undertaken for composition and then the required material grade is made.

Meba’s CNC department is equipped with a number of CNC machines. There are also six heat treatment furnaces where steel properties are enhanced.