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Latest HP printers more efficient

The new Designjet printers enhance user experience

HP has introduced two web-connected printers that transform the large-format-printing process with a new ergonomic design delivering an improved user experience for architecture, engineering, construction and design professionals.

“The new HP Designjet T920 and T1500 ePrinter series help busy workgroups complete work efficiently by printing correctly from the start with true print previews and meet deadlines with fast, high-quality prints. Additionally, these devices help users on-the-go access, view and print projects from the cloud so they can collaborate easily with remote teams,” said an HP statement.

The 36-inch devices were designed based on extensive engagement with users early in the development process.  Users proposed designs that addressed the pain points they suffer before, during and after the printing process.  From this input, HP identified an output tray and true front-roll media loading as key areas for enhancement.

The integrated output stacking tray on the devices changes the way users collect and organise large-format output. The integrated output stacking tray is built-in on top of the device and delivers flat, collated prints. This new output system improves productivity by reducing time spent searching through and organising printouts and it eliminates the need for users to bend down to collect prints.

Additionally, the new industrial design presents a flat surface on top of the devices creating a media review table for easy, quick checking of printed plans.  Built for against-the-wall operation, the true front-roll loading feature allows users to load media easily, even while seated. In addition to these new design features, the HP Designjet T920 and T1500 ePrinters deliver the fastest print speeds in the market, HP said.

The compact HP Designjet T920 ePrinter operates at speeds as few as 21 seconds per A1/D print and is equipped with 32 GB of virtual memory space to process complex files easily and deliver faster prints.

Ideal for multiuser environments, the HP Designjet T1500 ePrinter is equipped with two rolls and features automatic alignment and smart switching capabilities to handle multiple jobs on different media types and sizes. Doubling the processing power over its predecessor, the HP Designjet T1500 ePrinter uses a parallel processor with a 320 GB hard drive to print multiple files simultaneously.

The HP Designjet T920 and T1500 ePrinters feature an intuitive, full-colour touch screen. With six Original HP inks and the HP printhead, the new series can produce dark blacks, true neutral grays, vivid colours and sharp lines.

The HP Designjet ePrinter portfolio features HP Designjet ePrint & Share, a free web service that makes it easy to access, view and print large-format documents using an Android or Apple tablet, smartphone, a notebook or an ePrinter touch screen.

Together with HP Designjet ePrint & Share, the web-connected HP Designjet T920 and T1500 ePrinters allow users to automatically save copies of projects to the cloud when printing. Users can also email projects to print by attaching a PDF or other print-ready file to an email. Customers can then send the file to the ePrinter’s dedicated address.