EDT Corp, US, has added Type E bearings to its Solution line of severe service bearings. Type E Solution bearings have high load capacity and the same dimensional footprint of industry-standard Type E tapered roller bearings along with the advantages of being fully non-corrosive and completely greaseless. 

Type E Solution bearings are constructed with a 304 stainless housing, a Poly-Sphere plane bearing that is made from a high performance polymer, plus a 316 stainless locking sleeve. Plane bearings work without rolling elements, so grease is unnecessary and seals are eliminated. Plane bearing design also makes it possible to offer completely split inserts in addition to split housings. EDT Type E Solution bearings are available in one-piece or split styles of pillow blocks, four bolts and piloted housings for shaft sizes from 1-3/16 inches to five inches. Split units are drop-in replacements for popular RPB, RFB and RFP spherical roller bearings with the added options of split bearings and split sleeves. 

In locations where the environment compromises the grease of standard roller bearings or more corrosion resistance is needed, EDT Type E Solution bearings can provide a superior alternative when used in appropriate locations. EDT says it can assist in identifying applications where Type E Solution bearings will last longer, reduce maintenance, and save significant operating costs over time.