SSAB, a Nordic and US-based steel company, and Peab are extending their collaboration to include deliveries of the zero-emission steel SSAB Zero, which is made using recycled steel and fossil-free energy.

Peab plans to use around half of the initial 300-tonne delivery volume ordered for micro piles for foundations and the other half in construction work already this year.

This will make Peab the first construction company in the world to use SSAB Zero.

This deal further strengthens the joint commitment between Peab and SSAB to create solutions to reduce the carbon footprint in the construction- and real estate sector, which stands for about 20 percent of total CO2-emissions in Sweden. The primary cause of CO2-emissions from Peab’s operations is from the use of various materials, such as steel, in production. Peab has a comprehensive environmental target to be climate neutral no later than 2045 – with a target to reduce the carbon dioxide intensity for input goods by 50 percent by 2030.

“It´s great that we can now add SSAB Zero as a new product in our zero-emission steel family, as it enables us both to meet customer demand earlier and take another step toward mitigating climate change,” says Thomas Hörnfeldt, Head of Sustainable Business at SSAB.

“We´re looking forward to deepening our partnership with Peab by bringing SSAB Zero to the construction industry.”

“The climate cannot wait,” says Elisabet Stadler, Head of Environment at Peab. “We hold responsibility for our environmental impact along the entire value chain, throughout the entire life cycle. Peab’s ambition is to work sustainably in every aspect to reduce the business's environmental and climate impact. We have a great responsibility within the construction industry, and by using SSAB Zero we can contribute to reaching the goal of becoming a climate neutral industry by 2045. It is a milestone not only for Peab, but for the entire industry.”

SSAB Zero has zero fossil carbon emission (less than 0.05 kg CO2e emissions per kg steel in scope 1 and 2) in operations, including purchased energy and transportation. SSAB practices market-based emission factors for the electricity used and may secure fossil-free electricity through electricity guarantees of origin.

"Fossil fuels remain in the ground as SSAB has implemented a system to manage and ensure the correct source and use of alternatives connected to the production of SSAB Zero. Only recycled steel is used as a raw material, which means SSAB Zero supports the circular economy. SSAB does not engage in carbon emission offsetting activities," it said.