EU sanctions synthetic rubber, carbon black imports from Russia

The EU has included sanctions on imports of both synthetic rubber and carbon blacks from Russia in its 10th package of sanctions in response to the Putin regime’s war on Ukraine.

The decision, announced last month (February 25) introduces import quotas of 562,973 tonnes for synthetic rubber and 752,475 tonnes for carbon black, apparently with immediate effect.

The import quotas are valid until 30 June 2024, after which an import-prohibition will apply, the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers' Association (ETRMA) informed ERJ.

The quotas, noted the Brussels-based industry association, seem to be equivalent to pre-war import levels – as reported by Eurostat for these materials across all applications.

It is also understood that the European Commission (EC) will set up a monitoring mechanism and report on inflows of synthetic rubber from Russia on a monthly basis.

According to the ETRMA, if irregularities are identified via the mechanism, Brussels regulators could introduce restrictive measures against these imports.

In a 25 Feb statement, the EC said the restrictions on synthetic rubber and carbon blacks, along with bitumen and related materials, from Russia covered almost €1.3 billion worth of imports to the EU.