Advanced Microwave Engineering (AME) is all set to reveal a new era in safety technology at ProMAT 2023, which runs from March 20 to 23 in Chicago.

AME has long proclaimed that safety and efficiency should not be opposed and has provided products and services that move sites towards proactive safety and enhanced productivity. The next evolution in this concept, “Amesphere” enable everybody to create a safer space through technology.

“We are very excited about Amesphere,” says Claudio Salvador, President and CEO at AME. “It is the ultimate innovation to enhance protection and provide the perfect balance between safety and efficiency in the workplace. We are inviting everyone who is involved in site management to come and see how it works and how it will protect personnel, reduce operating costs, and add value to the business at our booth at ProMAT 2023.”

Amesphere is a ‘safety as a service’, cloud-based platform that uses data and real-time information to avoid collisions, allow vehicles and people to work safely together, and provide complete peace of mind for operators and management. It is remarkably easy to install and uses centimeter precision anti-collision technology. Ultra-versatile and readily adaptable to the unique needs of all workplace environments, Amesphere will create a new frontier for workplace safety.

Salvador concludes: “This is real game-changing technology in how companies approach safety and takes us closer to making accidents a thing of the past. What a goal that would be!”