Saudi Arabia

Qanbar Dywidag expands hollow core production line

QDC has completed numerous projects in Riyadh

Leading precast concrete manufacturer Qanbar Dywidag Precast Concrete Company (QDC) is stepping up its production capacity by installing a new hollow core production line to meet the increasing demand for its products in Saudi Arabia.

“The precast concrete products market in Saudi Arabia and the regional construction industry is going to be a promising business in the next 10 years as Saudi Arabia government has announced its decision to assign huge funds during the coming years for the construction, infrastructure and development of new areas all over the Kingdom as per 2030 Vision,” said Saud A Al-Ansari, Group CEO.

Towards this, QDC has recently added a new production line to produce hollow core slabs, which will address all kinds of market demands and requirements in the country’s construction market.

According to Al-Ansari, the company has installed and commissioned a new line for production for hollow core of slab size of 100mm at its Rabigh plant, expanding upon the existing hollow core lines of sizes: 400mm, 300mm, 250mm, 200mm and 150mm that have been serving the company’s business so far.

“As a leading manufacturer of precast and pre-stressed concrete building components in Saudi Arabia building on four decades of experience and founded on unrivalled engineering expertise, QDC is executing its effective role in serving the  kingdom,” he added.



The company immediately has no plans to enhance its capacity. However, all the plants, Al-Ansari said, have considerable scope for capacity expansion and stockyard facilities in future.

“Expansion of production capacity or launching new plants depends on the market demand and for the time being our total annual production capacity for our three factories is almost about 4,531,250 sq m based on 330 working days,” he said.

QDC has two state-of-the-art plants in Jubail in the Eastern Province, a third plant in Rabigh in the Western Province as well as a plant in Doha, Qatar, under the Qatar International Precast banner. Together, they have a combined production capacity of more than 6 million sq m per year (2 million sq m at the Jubail factories, 3 million sq m at the Rabigh factory and 1 million sq m at Qatar factory).

Even after covering an area of 235,000 sq m with a covered production area of 16,000 sq m, QDC’s Jubail manufacturing site still leaves considerable scope for expansion for both production and stockyard facilities, Al-Ansari said.

Again, at its Rabigh factory, which covers some 156,000 sq m with a covered production area of 40,000 sq m, there is ample scope for capacity expansion and stockyard facilities to add 1,000,000 sq m of different types of precast/pre-stressed products, he added.

These facilities are regularly upgraded and expanded to ensure they are able to meet the growing demand as well as add value to the company's products.

For instance, QDC has already installed a highly automated concrete batching plant at its main factory in Jubail, and four additional hollow core lines at its Rabigh factory. Also at the Rabigh factory, it has launched a new administration building, mess hall and mosque.



QDC: ensuring faster construction, better quality and lower costs

QDC: ensuring faster construction, better quality and lower costs

Currently, the company is keenly eyeing the promising Riyadh market, with a view to addressing the requirements of the mega projects taking shape in the Saudi capital.

“Despite the spread of Covid-19 pandemic and its effects in the year 2020, we have been able to enter into new area of activity in Western and Central region of Saudi Arabia (by taking extreme precautions to secure the safety of all) supplying our products to the projects of Ministry of housing in Jeddah and Riyadh and Roshn Development company in Riyadh area,” Al-Ansari said.

Among the major projects coming up in Riyadh are Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC), Riyadh airport expansion, Diriyah Gate and various Ministry of Housing and Roshn developments.

“Our first project for Qiddiya was the construction of a site office with Morganti KSA. The company has also quoted on various projects at the development including interchanges, roads, plazas and substations,” he revealed.

QDC has been approved as a building technology provider by the Ministry of Housing, which enables it to participate in most of the mega projects in the kingdom. The company has also been approved as a certified supplier for projects by Roshn, Saudi Arabia’s national community developer.  Its first project for Roshn involves the construction of 243 villas of different types (first stage) for the Riyadh North Township, with Rezaik A Al-Gedrawi Company as the main contractor of the project, he added.

The precast concrete manufacturer was also engaged on two housing projects for the Ministry of Housing at the Murcia residential project in Riyadh’s Al-Jawan suburb with ABR Company as main contractor.  This is in addition to the various housing projects it is carrying out for the ministry in the Eastern and Western regions of Saudi Arabia.

Over the past three years, QDC has completed numerous projects in the Riyadh region including Al-Rajhi university and school buildings in Qassim, King Saud University medical city, two Fitness Time buildings, Saudi Chemical plant project, and a boundary wall for Misk city, besides the Murcia housing developments and the Qiddiya site office project. 



QDC’s production facilities roll out a wide range of products ranging from normal PCC (precast concrete) elements up to pre-stressed girders and slabs. These are offered in various external finishes including sandblasted, washed aggregate and different formliner finishes.

Since its inception in 1981, QDC has carried out commercial, industrial, housing and institutional projects in the region, where its precast concrete systems have been the solution of choice for architects, engineers, contractors and owners.

While the company has supplied its standard precast components including beams, columns, solid and insulated wall panels, hollow core and double-tee slabs for various projects, QDC has also met special design requirements for blast and bullet-resistant designs which can be easily accommodated with precast concrete construction.

QDC also offers a wide variety of standard precast concrete products including bollards, benches, planters, trash containers, wheel stoppers and manholes. Custom designs are also available, and all products are manufactured to the highest quality control standards.

From staircases to full-frame building systems, QDC has also supplied a wide range of elements to numerous housing projects throughout the kingdom for prestigious clients including Saudi Aramco; Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu; Sabic; National Guard; Ministry of Defence; the Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) – for which QDC executed its first offshore project with European Emirates Company and other different types of construction with Saudi Amana Company. QDC has also been approved as a certified supplier to Neom, Saudi Arabia’s $5-billion city taking shape in the northwest of the kingdom.

QDC was formed as a partnership between one of the leading business conglomerates in the Eastern Province, Al Ansari Holding Company (Abdul Razzaq Mohammed Qanbar Al Ansari and Sons) and one of the largest German general contractors and precast concrete manufacturers, Dycherhoff and Widmann (Dywidag). In January 2002, Al Ansari Holding became the sole owner of QDC, and Dywidag remains as a technical partner.



QDC undertakes the design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of precast and prestressed concrete components in accordance to specifications, which are based on international and American – PCI/ACI or BS – standards.

It is involved in a construction project team as suppliers or subcontractors who produce, deliver and erect precast and prestressed concrete components, taking active part in the construction project under way with its ability to provide value engineering which ensures faster construction, better quality and lower costs. 

According to Al-Ansari, the company’s process – lead quality system is dedicated to continually improve effectiveness in all areas of its operations by establishing an effective communications channel and providing a framework for establishing and review of quality objectives.

The company’s research and development division is constantly studying the market and introducing new systems and products to meet the current demands.

“The company depends on its strengthened management and a clear sense of mission. Expansion of the organisation in both assets (production lines) and skilled specialised manpower creates new look for the future and gives the company the opportunity to grow strategically,” said Al-Ansari.

QDC relies on technical superiority, management skills, reliable schedules and commitment to secure contracts. The company’s products are very competitive in terms of cost related to quality and short construction time for projects, he added.

QDC also has sales offices in Jubail, Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. It has a dedicated team of almost 2,000 employees who constantly endeavour to achieve the company’s vision of providing customers with quality products and services at a competitive price while exceeding their expectations.