GULF parties interested in importing Rapiscan Systems’ latest explosive trace detection device, Detectra HX, had a close look at the product during the defence exhibition Idex at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Detectra HX was displayed alongside Rapsican’s cargo and vehicle inspection solutions.

A lightweight and low-cost handheld explosive trace detection solution, Detectra HX is capable of rapid and accurate detection which could be a boon for law enforcement, events and border protection professionals, said a statement.

It can pick up a range of substances with a single sample resulting in a lower false alarm rate. Designed to minimise operating costs and increase uptime, it requires only two consumables to operate, making it easier to maintain compared to other available devices, it said.

The firm also showcased with demos the RXU Underside Reflexion system, among its cargo and vehicle inspection solutions capabilities.

The RXU has been designed to automatically inspect vehicles and cargo driving over the system to provide a fast and efficient method for screening the underside of vehicles. Available as a stand-alone inspection system, it can be installed so it is flush with the road surface or with associated vehicle ramps.

It provides high-quality images with material separation capabilities to allow for the rapid detection of contraband or threats such as explosives, drugs, tobacco and people smuggling.

The event also featured live demonstrations of Rapiscan’s latest radar-based threat-detection system, Counterbomber. The system can identify concealed person-borne threats, such as suicide vests and weapons even when the system operator is hundreds of metres away due to its state-of-the-art video-steered radar technology, said the statement.