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New markets joy for AMI

Speciality tapes from the company

Sealants and adhesives manufacturer Al Muqarram Industry (AMI) has reported lower than expected business growth in 2013 but was successful in penetrating new markets.

The UAE-based company is one of the largest manufacturers of sealants, adhesives and adhesive tapes in the Middle East and has exports accounting for 65 per cent of sales.

Shipments go to the GCC and the wider Middle East, Africa, CIS, Brazil, Canada and Russia. It counts Egypt, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as its main markets.

Safdar Abbas Badami, managing director, AMI, attributed political instability to the less than projected growth. But he said the company was able to successfully open new markets outside the Middle East such as Europe and North and South America.

AMI seeks to grow into its new markets and widen its product portfolio, he added.

Over the past few years the company went through comprehensive restructuring. It expanded its sales team and also developed its branded products. “We have optimised our services as a complete package for 2014. We have developed new markets, hired new people and launched new product lines, introducing items such as green technology products,” said Badami.

Acetoxy sealant made by Al Muqarram

Acetoxy sealant made by Al Muqarram

“We are now in a position to serve our customers in the most professional way,” added Badami, whose family has been involved in business since the 1980s.

AMI has been actively engaged in the UAE industrial sector but has also manufactured products for partners across the world.

Some 30 per cent of the company’s output goes outside the Gulf.

AMI’s products, which also include pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, aerosol products and glues, are well known within the industry. In the past, the company supplied OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Established in 2000 in Sharjah, the company also trades in aerosol items for the building and construction and automotive industries.

The company recently launched several new products including Fire Stop, a fire-rated sealant; Gulf 105, a high-performance acetoxy silicon sealant; Neutraseal SG-530 Aalkoxy silicone sealant and a Surface pProtection tape suitable for aluminium surfaces composite panels.

Fire Stop, a four-hour fire-rated silicone sealant with F-rating (flame), T-rating (thermal) and L-rating (smoke), can resist fire up to 750 deg C.  This high-performance sealant has a low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content and low methyl ethyl ketoxime (meko) odour. It has been formulated to seal through penetrations, ducting and openings to ensure fire-resistant construction.

It meets all the requirements of the European standards EN1366, EN13501 and 1366-4; British Standards-476 part B and American Standards ASTM E 814.

The fire-rated sealant is expected to drive AMI into totally different markets competing with well-known international brands. The advantage AMI has is that it is active in different sectors such as HVAC, aluminium and glass, ducting, cladding, marble and paints and for each sector it offers specific product lines to suit different requirements.