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Eye on Thailand

Dahabra: upbeat, a leading mobile services application provider in the Middle East is planning to expand to Thailand as part of a strategy to tap into the thriving telecommunications market in South East Asia.

The company’s initial foray in the region will involve the forging of strategic partnerships with Thailand-based operators and offer the company’s diverse range of business-to-consumer (B2C) services, while at the same time implementing an expansion initiative that aims to strengthen its presence in the new market.

The expansion plan complements a recent report from GfK Retail and Technology – Thailand that said smartphone sales in the country will grow by 110 per cent this year to 7.5 million units of the total 16 million, with smartphone penetration eventually making up almost half of all phones sold in Thailand by the end of 2013.

Thailand’s vibrant and rapidly growing smartphone market is believed to be an excellent entry point for the’s expansion bid into the region. The company is set to partner with a Thailand-based international IT company specialising in mobile services for businesses to initially offer its entertainment Mazajak Club Service with plans of later launching its new game app, SkillDerby.

Bashar Dahabra, founder and CEO,, said, “We are very upbeat with our planned expansion into South East Asia, particularly our entry into Thailand, which represents a rapidly growing mobile market. We are set to tap into Thailand by leveraging our proven B2C services such as quizzes, games, trivia and other SMS and online competitions across a massive potential subscriber base.

“Our entry into Thailand is part of our continuing global expansion initiative that not only aims to increase awareness of the brand but to also reinforce our position as a key provider of world-class apps, solutions and services.”

Founded in 1998, has access to over 40 GSM operators and more than 100 million mobile subscribers across the Middle East and North Africa region, and is regarded as one of the leaders in mobile applications development. Its mobile messaging technology is capable of delivering various SMS, MMS, WAP, IVR, video, ring-tone, picture messaging, animation and gaming services via various platforms including iPhone iOS, J2ME, Android and BlackBerry OS.