Drydocks World has announced a series of significant enhancements to its Propeller Repair Services' operational capabilities, solidifying its position as the one-stop solution for comprehensive propeller repair needs, catering to all sizes and types with unparalleled efficiency and precision.
A DP World company, Drydocks World is a leading provider of marine and offshore services to the shipping, oil, gas and energy sectors. 
The facility is uniquely equipped to handle in-situ repairs for minor damages directly on the vessel without removing the propeller and more extensive repairs within its workshop, which includes a dedicated area and pit for propeller work. 
The provision of nickel aluminium bronze alloys for the fabrication of missing parts and a comprehensive suite of repair techniques, such as laser pitch checking and blade profiling, further underscore the yard's expanded capabilities.
The company has expanded its team of qualified and highly skilled professionals equipped to tackle the full spectrum of propeller repair needs and ensure adherence to the highest standards set by the International Society of Classification Societies (IACS).
Captain Rado Antolovic, the CEO of Drydocks World, said: "Our improved propeller repair services highlight our dedication to maritime excellence and leadership, with a focus on innovation ensuring unparalleled efficiency and quality."
"Our unique in-house ability to provide immediate solutions for unforeseen propeller issues sets us apart, earning the trust of shipowners who value our swift and thorough responses to their repair needs," he stated.
Over the past two years, Drydocks World has successfully repaired over 20 fixed pitch propellers and 50 CPP blades, contributing significantly to its revenue and underscoring the effectiveness and efficiency of its service. The achievement demonstrates the yard's enhanced competency and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the maritime industry.
In addition to the focus on propeller repair capabilities, Drydocks World has unveiled a new Cryogenic Pipe Shop, a cutting-edge Gasket Manufacturing Facility, and a new CNC Plate Cutting Facility, each designed to support the company's vision of continuous improvement and technological advancement in maritime services.
The company has upgraded its capabilities with a new Cryogenic Pipe Shop to support the growing needs of the oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors. 
The facility, equipped with advanced welding and fabrication tools, is set to lead the region in exotic pipe fabrication, handling materials like stainless steel and titanium, with an annual capacity of nearly 350,000 inch dia of pipe.
Further enhancing its fabrication workshop, Drydocks World recently launched a new CNC plate-cutting facility, equipped with machines for enhanced plasma cutting, bevelling, and oxyfuel cutting. The addition of auto sensors and an inkjet printer for plate marking reflects the company's commitment to technology and quality.
A gasket manufacturing facility with fully automated CNC technology designed to streamline gasket production was also inaugurated to produce a versatile range of gaskets, operating 24x7 to support continuous operations across all production units.
Captain Antolovic said: " Our new facilities underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation, offering clients unmatched services that redefine industry standards through our investment in technology and talent."
The Mechanical Department at Drydocks World also underwent various infrastructure and equipment enhancements to increase productivity and efficiency while generating additional revenue.
The advancements complement the existing facilities and accommodate simultaneous project works, ensuring timely delivery with the highest quality and safety standards, he added.