A DSV trailer

DSV, a global leader in logistics, transport, and distribution, has announced the adoption of an innovative and fully electrical long range heavy load road transportation for the first time in the country. The new move is set to reinforce the global conglomerate to achieve its net-zero goal by 2050. 
DSV has been an active partner with prominent environmentally conscious government and private sectors in the Emirates, including Adnoc L&S, as well as key players from the public and private sectors in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Northern Emirates. 
In alignment with the UAE's ambitious goal of achieving a net-zero economy by 2050, DSV introduces the latest and cleanest technology to the Middle East's transportation sector—fully electric, digitally integrated, fast charging, long-range, double-trailer electric vehicles (EV) with zero carbon emissions, poised to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of road transport in the UAE.
Ranked as the third-largest global logistics and forwarding conglomerate, DSV has deeply integrated sustainability into its corporate vision by making substantial investments in solutions that mitigate the environmental impact of its operations. 
Khadim Al Daree, Chairman of DSV Solutions (Abu Dhabi), commented: "The launch of our state-of-the-art electric transportation trailer trucks couldn't have come at a more pivotal moment, as the UAE's government and business community intensify their focus on emissions and environmental concerns & climate change. We are proud to be at the forefront at scale of applying this groundbreaking solution in the country in road transport sector, with plans to extend it across the Mena region. This endeavor will undoubtedly surpass the expectations of our esteemed UAE partners."
Manufactured by SANY, and Sany’s UAE Agent EGME, these heavy-duty trucks boast an impressive and completely unprecedented 80-tonne Gross Combined Weight (GCW) capacity. Unlike any other options in the UAE market at the time, these trucks offer battery ranges of 250 to 800 kilometres, coupled with the convenience of fast charging and battery swapping within just seven minutes. DSV is committed to developing an extensive charging network throughout Abu Dhabi and the other emirates.
"We are resolutely dedicated to achieving net-zero carbon emissions across all our operations by 2050. To this end, we collaborate with global partners such as Good Shipping, Clean Cargo, Eco-Skies, and others within the business and academic communities to foster solutions that benefit both our planet and our enterprise. At the UAE level, this initiative underscores our commitment to our partners, customers and the local community, demonstrating our shared determination to align with the UAE's ambitious net-zero target by 2050," Elias Monem, EVP Solutions and Road Mena region and DSV Solutions (Abu Dhabi) Board Member commented.--TradeArabia News Service