Engie Solutions, an international leader in sustainable energy solutions has announced that work has begun on its 10MW Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) project at Holcim UAE’s LEC cement plant located in Fujairah. It is expected to generate its first Kilowatt-hour commissioned by year-end 2023. 
Last year, LEC, a part of leading Swiss industrial company Holcim Group, had signed a 10-year BOOT (Build Own Operate Transfer) contract with Engie Solutions, under which it will design, finance, construct and manage operations of a 10MW WHR system on LEC’s Fujairah site. 
Based on a closed-loop thermodynamic cycle, the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system will help LEC avoid 29 kilotonnes per year of CO2 emissions from the grid – representing a reduction of 28% in power-related emissions. 
For the project, Engie will be implementing the ORC technology in an “energy as-a-service” model in the cement industry for the first time in the region. 
"Engie’s energy-as-a-service model means guaranteed energy savings, higher reliability, and resiliency, with no capital outlay and no need for additional staff," said Olivier Milhaud, the General Manager at LEC.
"We've made a commitment to building a net zero future for our people and planet, and this is one of the major milestones in our journey towards sustainability. We are fully committed to the UAE’s sustainability goals, including the 2050 Net Zero vision," stated Milhaud.
"In partnership with Engie Solutions, we are implementing a digital solution that converts waste heat into energy. This brings cost savings, greater efficiency, and closer alignment with our double commitment to sustainability goals," he added.
Alexander Alzamora, Head of Energy Efficiency, Engie Solutions, said: "We are investing in the technology, the future of LEC’s business, and the UAE’s decarbonization strategy, all in one project. The scheme will certainly be a regional flagship and benchmark in how to support decarbonization of the cement industry." 
"Traditionally, the cement industry involves heating raw materials to 1,500 degrees Celsius – the temperature of molten lava – to make cement. Fossil fuels often provide the energy, giving the cement industry a bad reputation in sustainability circles. Engie Solutions’ waste heat recovery system – based on the ORC technology, will capture low-temperature waste heat and can be operated without water," he added. 
According to Alzamora, this project will become a regional flagship for Engie in support of decarbonizing the cement industry, which is considered a “hard to abate sector” in decarbonization terms. 
"While ORC technology is proven and widely used in other sectors, we are excited to implement it for the first time in the region’s cement production sector, and LEC should be lauded for its forward-thinking," he added.-TradeArabia News Service