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Muadinoon boosts frac sand production with CDE technology

CDE’s EvoWash sand wash plant and AquaCycle being run alongside Muadinoon’s dry screens

Saudi Arabia’s Muadinoon Mining Company, a leading company involved in the mining and sale of minerals and raw materials to a range of industries, has enhanced its product offering through an investment in wet processing technology from Ireland-based industry leader, CDE.

Muadinoon mines high-quality silica sand from their sand deposit near Tayma, in northwestern Saudi Arabia, selling the product as raw materials to a number of clients. The company said it is committed to providing high-quality products that meet the needs of its customers and in compliance with industry standards. Recently, Muadinoon sought to improve the quality of product through enhanced washing and cleaning of the mined sand.

The company’s mission, it said, is to preserve the landscape in which it operates is reflected in its pledge to achieve maximum economic value while ensuring minimum environmental damage. Accordingly, a suitable wet processing solution was required to ensure water recirculation and conservation of this precious resource in a highly dry region.

The company engaged CDE to visit the site near Tayma, to gain a better understanding of its needs and requirements and to embark upon a collaborative partnership. It chose to partner with CDE as the company had an in-depth understanding of the project at hand and was confident in its expertise.

CDE team tests Muadinoon’s sand deposit

CDE team tests Muadinoon’s sand deposit

CDE had commissioned its EvoWash Evo101 sand wash plant and AquaCycle A200 water management system to run alongside the company’s existing dry screens that ensure the size fractions of the required product. Utilising CDE technology, the new plant will enable Muadinoon to produce 0-600 micron silica sand (frac sand) at a rate of 75 total petroleum hydrocarbons (tph).

CDE’s EvoWash will intake pre-screened material which has been sized to suit the client’s needs. The sand will be washed by cyclone technology, thus reducing the fines content to market acceptable limits and providing an in-spec product to the customer. The EvoWash’s sump and hydrocyclones provides unrivalled control of silt cut points and eliminate the loss of quality fines with significant commercial value.

CDE’s AquaCycle is a highly efficient water management solution, significantly reducing costly water consumption (both economically and environmentally) by ensuring up to 90 per cent of the process water is recycled for immediate recirculation. The water treatment unit, consisting of a thickener and polyplant, reduces fresh water requirement drastically and helps to accelerate return on investment by maximising production efficiency, minimising the loss of valuable fines and reducing water and energy costs.

Turki, CEO of Muadinoon Mining Company, said the investment exemplifies the company’s commitment to environmental protection and its mission to be a leading industry supplier in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“We are always intent on maintaining our responsibility to our environment and our people – therefore it was important for us to ensure we provided the best possible quality product to our clients, while reducing the impact on our natural world.

“Our preferable mining model pays careful detail to how our business affects the environment at all stages of our operations. For example, we examine the ecosystem of the surrounding environment during exploration and prospecting to determine how our operations will affect the wildlife and vegetation. We also examine the water use in the area and any potential water supply problems. This was why, when investing in advanced technology, it was important to us to have a solution that employed water recirculation.

“Members of the CDE team visited our sand deposit in Tayma to better understand our site, our raw feed that would be fed into their technology, and also our business ambitions. We felt supported throughout the process, and that they were fully on board with our vision.”

Turki added: “Tests were done in the CDE lab to inform us of the result we could expect from our new solution, and we were very pleased with what was produced. There will be no unpleasant surprises – only positive outcomes from this partnership.”

CDE Regional Manager, Ruchin Garg, said: “Muadinoon is a new established mining company that is already making great traction and highlighting its potential to achieve its business aims. We are proud to be on board to help make these ambitions a reality, and to be part of the journey as Muadinoon continues as a leading industry figure while maintaining its ecological pledges.

“Environmental education is compulsory among all the technical and managerial employees at Muadinoon, as the company believes that healthy environmental practices invariably lead to healthy business practices. It has been wonderful working with such an eco-conscious team and helping to develop a solution that is in line with their principles.

“We have already built close relations with this client through our visit to the site and deepening our understanding of their needs. Muadinoon is embarking upon a new chapter with this very specific product, and we have seen promising results in our lab work. We look forward to seeing this replicated at the Tayma deposit and to seeing the positive impact on this company.”

Muadinoon, he said, was founded with a vision to become the global leader in the mineral industry while championing environmental awareness for responsible mining practices. Muadinoon’s commitment to the environment is one of the company’s most important operating principles.

Working across five regions globally, CDE has been co-creating with customers for nearly 30 years to deliver collaborative, imaginative and unique processing systems.

The CDE global headquarters and manufacturing centre of excellence are located in Northern Ireland. The company also has teams based in Austria, France and Russia to serve the Europe and Russia markets; Dubai, UAE, to serve the MEA market; Ormeau, Australia to serve the Australasian market; and Kolkata, India to serve the Asian market. CDE’s Centre of Excellence in Texas ensures the company effectively serves the North American market, with a team based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to serve the Latin American market.