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Almaraya goes for the personal touch

Hides from Italy (right) and samples of Indian handtufted carpet (left) showcased at gulfInteriors

Importer Almaraya Décor had a busy time at gulfInteriors 2015 as it apprised keen visitors on the quality and range of its products.

Of particular interest were handtufted carpets from India and hides from Italy. Samples of carpets and hides adorned the Almaraya stall and were the cynosure of all eyes.

Zahra Abdullah, business development manager, was present to discuss the intricacies of the products Almaraya deals with and, importantly, why it would be worth the while of customers to acquire them.

“The main distinctive feature of our handtufted carpet is that it can be customised,” she highlighted.

Our customers can provide us with any design they choose from a wide variety of wool colour pallets. These carpets are best known for art, beauty and longevity.”

The manufacturing of such carpets does not run on an express mail schedule. The minimum time it takes for a standard-size is about three to four months.

The company began selling these carpets two years ago and Zahra says local response is generally “positive” at the time of viewing of samples. However, it has been her experience that potential customers are usually short of patience and draw back when realising any order could take three to four months compared to  their own threshold time of a month to a month and a half.

Hides from Italy, though, serve up better prospects for Almaraya. The company turns them into components for sofas, chairs, wall paneling, and bed headboards.

Almaraya has been prudent to include a range of other interior décor products in its repertoire, striking a balance between items that won’t fly off the shelves with ones that have the potential to move with greater alacrity. So, the company deals with customised curtains, sofas and chairs and with blinds, wallpaper, wall paneling, awnings and umbrellas. Some of these it manufactures at its own plant in Bahrain.

As it specialises in the window treatment service, it imports fabrics for curtains and upholstery. Imports are also undertaken for window blinds, commercial and residential carpets, parquets, wall paper, awnings and umbrellas.

The motto of Almaraya is to serve interiors with a personal touch. “We’re passionate about creating elegant interiors and our work covers the hotel, restaurant and residential sectors,” says Zahra.

A sister company, Al Qasser Upholstery & Curtains, was established in 1992 by Aslam Abdul Rahman Qureshi and Abdullah Abdul Haq.

“Our aim is to provide clients with an interior that’s balanced, beautiful and functional, contemporary and timeless, simple and creative, sensual and practical with a character that complements their own ideas,” says Zahra.

“We are proud to say that through our finest services, commitment to quality products and highly efficient team, we have gained a diverse and reputed clientele all over Bahrain.”