Gulf Importers

Cortec’s BioPouch available in Gulf

Oil and gas companies are among clients using Cortec’s anticorrosion solutions

US-based anticorrosion specialist Cortec Corporation’s recently introduced product BioPouch is available in the Gulf region.

“We see great potential for this product,” said Philip Horsford, area manager, Cortec Middle East.

BioPouch joins several other Cortec products imported into the region including those used by oil producing companies.

BioPouch has been described as a revolutionary green vapour phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI) for the protection of metal parts in a non-ventilating space. It is powered by the newest Nano-VpCI technology, primarily made from agricultural by-products, and has been described as  quick and super easy to use, there being no special equipment for application. The user has to determine the number of pouches required per unit space and each BioPouch protects up to 1 cu m of enclosed space.

“The Cortec BioPouch is a competitive environmentally friendly alternative to the Cortec EcoPouch range offering all the benefits clients expect from Cortec products with the added benefit of being primarily made from agricultural byproducts,” said Horsford.

Cortec established Cortec Middle East in 2012 to serve as the regional headquarters and distribution hub for the region.

“Historically, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman have been Cortec’s key markets but we expect strong growth in Kuwait and Iraq during 2015,” said Horsford. 

“Key products for our regional clients include our corrosion preventative films such as VpCI-126 and MilCorr suitable for the preservation of static and rotating, VpCI emitters and hydrogen sulfide scavengers like VpCI-111 and Corrosorbers to prevent corrosion on electric panels on offshore structures during transit or in areas with H2S concerns. 

“Cortec Corrologic products are achieving fantastic results for our clients in preventing soil side corrosion on Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs). This product is available in Corrologic Slurry, Powder or Emitter form and can be implemented on new, in service and out of service tanks.  With over 20 years’ track record in the US and more recently in the Middle East, our clients across the region are seeing the benefits of our Corrologic products which complement existing CP systems or can be retrofitted to tanks where the CP system has potentially failed, extending the assets life.”

Horsford said Cortec Middle East has a longstanding relationship with many of the leading organisations in the region and works closely with a broad base of industries including all major oil producing companies, steel producers, shipyards and other firms within the manufacturing sector. The regional office has appointed distributors to service clients on the ground in all the major Gulf countries.

The distributors are supported regionally by inhouse technical experts in the UAE and by the Cortec Laboratory based in Minnesota, US.

The next major country in Cortec Middle East’s focus is Iraq, said Horsford. 

Cortec, whose headquarters is in Saint Paul, Minnesota, US, has seven plants worldwide with sales offices and a distribution network in over 70 countries.