THE Camel Soap Factory, a recently-established Dubai-based start-up that has moved into its own manufacturing facility, is building up a clientele and is poised to go overseas with greater momentum.

The factory reports it has already penetrated international markets, gaining a foothold in places including German and India and is eyeing further success in the global marketplace. It has also received additional funding and is extending sales into the UAE corporate gift market, hotels and retail outlets.

“In the year since we have been licensed, we have established a solid customer base. We are expanding our sales into new markets beyond the retail gift market. From our roots as a kitchen business, we have grown rapidly to establish the first factory for handmade camel milk soap products in the UAE,” said Stevi Lowmass, CEO.

With her own industrial base, Lowmass is confident she can increase manufacturing volume to meet growing demand in the UAE and explore new markets abroad.

Lowmass’ plans for the future include developing a more luxurious product for large department stores, creating a range of bath and beauty products based on the start-up’s key local ingredient, camel milk.

“Long term we hope to make our factory a fixture on the ‘must see in Dubai’ list for visitors and residents alike. We have started running limited tour groups at our new facility with great success,” she remarked.

As a result of The Camel Soap Factory’s impressive performance in 2014, the UAE’s first and only manufacturer of soaps made from 25 per cent camel milk and olive oil has been selected as a finalist in the RSA Start-up Business of the Year Category of the Gulf Capital SME Awards, said Lowmass.

“Finding a niche is a key ingredient to succeeding in business and The Camel Soap Factory is a great example of this endeavour,” said David Harris, sales and marketing director for RSA Insurance, a multinational quoted insurance group.