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New RePall product aimed at Europe

A product from RePall

RePall, the Saudi maker of plastic pallets has significantly expanded its production capacity and is offering a new product mainly targeted at the European market.

“Capacity this year was doubled to around 30,000 tonnes annually and could be further ramped up to reach a level five times what it was in 2012,” said project manager Shadi Alziq.

The company says its products are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. And with plastic gaining ground as a material of preference for pallets, it is hopeful it will be able to exploit available opportunities.

RePall will be launching soon its new product called Euro Pallet H1.

“The new model’s design enables crates to be handled with more safety than traditional pallets as well as accommodating 25 per cent more load,” said Alziq. “Steel reinforcements make them stronger and we hope to capture a bigger share of the European market,” he said.

Alziq: tracing a growth path

Alziq: tracing a growth path

“It meets stringent European standards and takes into account the special requirements of the food sector, particularly the meat and vegetable business.” The new pallets are also expected to draw customers from other industrial sectors including pharmaceuticals and from other geographic markets such as those in this region.

Euro H1 will be launched at the forthcoming SIAL Middle East exhibition in the UAE.”

Alziq said there was increased market awareness of and demand for RePall’s diverse range of products. Consequently the company expects to achieve 25 to 30 per cent growth in sales this year. Best-sellers in the range are the Hygienic pallet conforming to the UK standard size of 120 by 100 cm and the Euro standard pallet (120 x 80 cm). Some 50 per cent of output goes into the food sector, 30 per cent into petrochemicals and the remainder into various other sectors including pharmaceuticals.

Exports from RePall’s Jeddah plant account for 28 per cent of the sales turnover but this year the figure could rise close to 40 per cent, according to Alziq. RePall ships its products to companies in the Middle East, Europe, East Asia and parts of Africa.

“RePall pallets are built to suit customer requirements and guarantee durability and strength. The special advantage of RePall pallets is that they weigh less and have greater load capacity than comparable pallets on the market. They come in all sizes and colours and with variable load capacities. Our unique structure design saves material costs and can carry up to 6,000 kg of stuff,” said Alziq.

“We typically spend more than five years in R&D to build each plastic pallet model. RePall has mastered the art of manufacturing quality pallets and this has been achieved through a dynamic in-house quality department that functions in accord with standards.” 

SIAL Middle East, where RePall will be launching the Euro H1, will be held from November 24 to 26 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition and Convention Centre (Adnec). “2013 was our first year at Sial ME and it was a very positive experience. We met decision makers and gained important new buyer contacts from Abu Dhabi,” recalled Alziq.