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SDMO pushes for imports

SDMO’s Rental Compact product

France’s SDMO, the world’s third largest manufacturer of generating sets and a market leader in France, is expanding its commercial presence in the Middle East from its Dubai office in the expectation that imports into the region will escalate.

“By reorganising this strategically located office, SDMO demonstrates its determination to conquer market share in response to increasing demand in this region,” said Philippe Forest, the company’s communication manager.

“This new Dubai office boosts the commercial and service capabilities of SDMO in this region with an increased stock of standard products and human resources, particularly with the addition of two local technicians at the technical assistance department. This new organisation makes it possible to offer responsive support, close-to-the-customer service, and special assistance for rental customers and the extensive network of distributors located throughout the region’s countries.”

The company designs, manufactures and markets a range of standard generating sets from 1 kVA to 200 MW which fulfil all power requirements and are suitable for all applications.

“Thanks to the expertise within its engineering department and in order to meet the most exacting of demands, SDMO also offers tailor-made energy stations. It manages each project from beginning to end, from unit design right up to contracted technical support. Its vigorous service policy ensures the durability of its installations around the globe,” said Forest.

“SDMO is exporting its products all over the world and is strengthening its presence on all continents,” he added.

The company offers a wide range of products meeting the expectations of an increasingly diversified and demanding sector:

Portable power: easily transportable generating sets from 0.9 to 15 kVA, residential generating sets, welding sets and motor-driven pumps.

Power products: generating sets from 7.5 to 3,300 kVA from the standard industrial range.

Rental power: generating sets from 2 to 2,000 kVA and lighting masts specifically for the rental, public works and construction market.

An SDMO manufacturing facility

Power solutions: bespoke energy solutions, incorporating the most innovative technologies, to meet the requirements of professionals in any sectors (fully managed projects).

For the Gulf region, SDMO proposes a wide range of standard generators available on a local storage platform. From 1 kVA up to 700 kVA these products cover a wide type of different applications in all fields. But SDMO also proposes an engineering service which can design a special product corresponding to a particular identified need.

The company’s sales team focuses on SDMO experience in the management of special projects and the supply of high-performance and complete energy solutions ie the capacity of its engineering department to properly respond to the most stringent requests and to support its customers in drawing up their projects. The focus will also be put on SDMO quality after-sale services thanks to the presence of local technicians dedicated to the technical assistance service.

SDMO has introduced several new products in recent times:

APM 802 control panel: SDMO has introduced the APM802 control panel dedicated to power plants for the following sectors: datacentres, banks, hospitals, petroleum and gas fields, industries and IPP,  The APM 802 is an evolution of the existing system of SDMO’s power plants management. It enables the extension of an existing power plant by the addition of a new generating set, for example. The Man and Machine Interface, designed in collaboration with a specialised company in ergonomics, will ease the functioning of the gensets thanks to a large 100 per cent touch-sensitive screen. The pre-con gured system for power plants applications proposes an innovative customisation function in appliance with the international IEC 61131-3 standards. New communication functions (automatism and governor) improve the high availabilities of the installation equipments.

RES20 generating set: This equipment has been specially designed for residential applications. Connected to a transfer switch, it seamlessly takes over from the grid supply in the event of an outage, providing power to all the electrical installations within the home. Its gas powered engine exerts minimal environmental impact.

Power (natural gas): 13.000 kVA; power (LPG): 20.000 kVA; Kohler CH1000 engine

SDMO is the world’s third largest manufacturer of generating sets

Rental Compact range: Designed for the rental market, these easy-to-handle generating sets with their compact and robust design offer an optimum level of safety with the advantage of moderate noise levels. These are just some of the benefits that make it a favourite product range for the rental market and the particularly demanding construction market.

Particularly robust, these models offer exceptional impact durability making them ideal for use in the most demanding conditions. Rental Compact generating sets have been designed to ensure user safety when handling, connecting and running the machine, thereby protecting the set and enhancing its durability. This model of innovative and ergonomic design is particularly easy to use. Its special layout also makes it easy to maintain with quick access to its replaceable parts, and to mechanical parts for servicing and cleaning operations.

R1650C: The latest innovation from the Rental Power range brings together the back-up power of 1,650 kVA (1200 kW COP) and the compactness of a 20 ft container (CCR20 SSI DRY). Fitted with wide access doors and a filtration system accessible from the outside, this genset marries performance with ease of use and maintenance. It offers the best ratio of compactness to power available on the market.



SDMO exports its products to more than 150 countries worldwide. Thanks to six subsidiaries in the UK, Spain, Brazil, South America, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and six sales offices (South Africa, Algeria, UAE, Egypt, Russia and Togo) the company has created a dense network which supports a network of dealers and distributors.

Thanks to its different products and services SDMO achieved some success in different regions and areas of application including those in the telecom, datacentre and oil and gas fields.