HOLLOWAY America has announced that its engineers can ensure customers in Europe are equipped with pressure vessels and components that meet the Pressurised Equipment Directive, commonly called the “PED directive.”

Sales engineer Randy Colwell states that with Holloway’s decades of experience fabricating ASME vessels, the company can also carefully adhere to pressure vessel regulations from Europe, Brazil and all over the world: “Our engineers recognise that PED, ASME, NR-13 and other pressure equipment regulations are critical to safety and performance, so we meticulously follow every requirement for each pressure vessel or tank component we craft.”

In 2002, compliance with the PED directive became  mandatory for all boiler and pressure equipment used in Europe. The PED requires any pressure vessel imported into the European Union to bear a CE mark. The CE mark notes that a manufacturer certifies the pressure vessel was crafted with PED weld procedures and that it meets specific health and safety requirements.

The objective of the pressure vessel regulations outlined in the PED was to increase trade within the European Union, regulate equipment safety and establish consistency in member states regarding pressure vessel design, manufacture, testing and conformity assessment. The PED also ensures that manufactures oversee other critical aspects including the following: competent application of techniques and procedures, proper fabrication of components, appropriate compliance choices for components and acceptable pressure allowance.

Holloway America also engineers pressure vessels that comply with Brazil’s NR-13 Regulatory Standard. The manufacturer’s history of fabricating ASME tanks qualifies its craftsmen to meet NR-13 requirements, which are similar to ASME standards. NR-13 refers specifically to meeting proper regulations and consistent normalised activity for all boilers and pressure equipment exported to or operating in Brazil. Holloway representatives can work directly with a Brazilian Registered Engineer (BRE) to ensure complete compliance, or they can guide customers through the NR-13 approval process.

Sales engineer Evelyn Gayer says: “Holloway America can meet specified pressure vessel regulations for any region and provide consistent service and valuable guidance for customers around the world.”