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Wilo showcases unique range

Wilo: supplying products and solutions

Wilo Middle East, a leading pump manufacturer based in Germany, showcased its building services portfolio (water supply) at a key seminar held recently in Saudi Arabia.

The seminar presented a valuable opportunity for customers to inspect the solutions provided by Wilo for building services, water management and industrial sectors, said a statement from the company.

The event witnessed the participation of senior officials from international arms of Wilo including Ioannis Lappas, head of business development for water management, Wilo Dortmund; and Daniel Busuioc, head of business development for water management, Wilo Hof.

The innovative products on display from Wilo defined its building services and the different building types, said the statement.

During the seminar, Lappas gave a presentation highlighting the various applications and sub-applications in the types of buildings covered by the company.

Wilo: making inroads into the Middle East region

Wilo: making inroads into the Middle East region

Moreover, his presentation mainly focused on the differences between buildings types, noting that the requirements of products can defer. Therefore, the company needs to provide its customers with products that meet their actual needs.

Wilo, he stated, was supplying the full range of its customers’ requirements including products, systems and solutions.

In his presentation, Busuioc introduced Wilo’s system solutions for water management. He also put focus on water management solutions and applications besides highlighting innovations like CoolAct motors for borehole pumps; Solid impellers for submersible sewage pumps; Ceram coatings; EMUport solid separation system; and new highly efficient mixers and synergies with aeration systems.

Busuioc pointed out that these innovations make Wilo a full solution provider for waste water treatment plants.

The company’s products in the material selection, coatings and complete solid separation systems drew a lot of attention at the seminar, thanks to its reliability in operation and ease of installation. Its split case pumps and dry installed sewage pumps too generated interest.

Khaled Al Salama, country manager (Saudi Arabia) Wilo Middle East, said: “Our company has always been keen to foster its relationships with its customers, and this seminar provides a unique opportunity to educate the market about our latest technologies, and allows meeting contractors, planners and government authorities.”

“The eastern part of Saudi Arabia is a very promising region and enjoys a great significance for Wilo to enhance its presence and experiences there,” stated Al Salama.

“We received positive feedback from the audience who attended the seminar, which gave us a push forward to strengthen our presence in this region in the near future,” he added.