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Michelin keeps GCC customer in mind

BFGoodrich has launched a tyre range that can be used for highway applications

BFGoodrich Tires, a leading tyre manufacturing company, which recently announced the launch of its tyre product line for trucks and buses in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), is confident that the company will meet the demanding expectations of customers in the GCC.

“This tyre line is launched to specifically respond to the needs of the Gulf customers and is therefore a key lever to support the company growth ambition in the region,” says Shantanu Deshpande, marketing director truck and bus tires for Michelin Africa, India and the Middle East (AIM). 

“With the BFGoodrich truck tyres brand, we address the needs of end users who demand international quality, reliable and robust tyres at an affordable price. We have homologated BFGoodrich truck tyres for all markets in the Middle East, including the GCC countries, and are confident to get a good response from our customers in the region,” he adds.

Conceding that the Gulf market differs from other global regions as regards preferences for these products, Deshpande says: “The Gulf market has its unique set of challenges in terms of operating conditions such as heat, humidity, sand, road potholes and vehicle overloading. Customers expect their tyres to perform in these extreme conditions.”

 BFGoodrich has launched two truck tyre patterns in the region

BFGoodrich has launched two truck tyre patterns in the region

Hence, during the design phase of every tyre, Michelin takes into consideration these and other key factors, and conducts many laboratory and field tests before eventually launching a product. “We are confident BFGoodrich will meet the customer’s demanding expectations,” he adds.


The BFGoodrich truck tyres portfolio launched for this market features commercial truck tyres that can be used for highway, regional and on/off-road applications. The company has launched two tyre patterns in this range -- the BFGoodrich Route Control and BFGoodrich Cross Control. From this month onwards, the BFGoodrich Route Control tyre will be available in 14 sizes; while the BFGoodrich Cross Control tyre will be available in five sizes for the Middle East and Africa markets,

While it has currently launched 15 tyre sizes, it will be adding a few other sizes in the coming months for light commercial vehicles. This broad range of products will be sold through a strong network of specialised dealers, the company says.

According to Deshpande, the BFGoodrich truck tyres for the Africa and Middle East markets are being sourced from its plants in Europe and Asia. “Across the world, every Michelin manufacturing plant follows the same stringent international best-in-class processes and quality standards. In other words, every Michelin Group tyre always carries the same high level of quality and performance,” Deshpande says,
Michelin has manufacturing facilities across the world, catering to the needs of customers across the globe, including the GCC countries. The Michelin products sold in the GCC countries are designed and manufactured with the specificities of the local markets in mind, he adds.

Within the GCC, the company hopes to target each country separately. “All countries in the GCC have their unique set of challenges and business opportunities and Michelin addresses these opportunities accordingly,” he says.