Siemens solutions at Mideast train show

April 2016

At Middle East Rail 2016, held in Dubai in the first fortnight of last month, Siemens showcased its full portfolio for rail and mobility innovation, including rolling stock, rail automation, rail electrification and seamless mobility solutions. 

Through its display at the event, it was clear that Siemens electrification, automation and digitalisation technology is equipping mobility to be a driver of truly smart cities in the Middle East.

“The Middle East’s rail networks are at varying stages of maturity, and more developed networks can be significantly enhanced by digitalisation technology to increase the availability of infrastructure, optimise throughput and improve passenger experience,” said Joerg Scheifler, senior executive vice president for mobility at Siemens Middle East.

“This is an important part of developing rail infrastructure into a valuable asset as part of a truly smart city by lowering operational costs, boosting quality of life for residents and reducing environmental impact.”

Siemens unveiled a concept for a premium high-speed capacity intercity train, tailored for the Gulf region at the Middle East Rail event in Dubai, UAE.

The Hesan Alkhaleej or ‘Horse of the Gulf’ is a comfortable, reliable and efficient alternative to road and air travel and incorporates proven technology from the Siemens Mobility portfolio while integrating special features for the Gulf, the company said.

“The Hesan Alkhaleej is a premium intercity train; our vision of a real alternative to road and air travel in the Gulf region,” said Scheifler. “Mobility between cities is a key driver of economic stimulus, and while there are already a number of modern city transit systems in the region, we see the need arising for fast, safe, luxurious and efficient intercity services to link these together.”

The concept is designed to withstand ambient temperatures in excess of 55 degrees C, and incorporates sand-filtering technologies to ensure reliable service in the region’s challenging climate. Unprecedented levels of redundancy, especially with regard to air conditioning and power supply, ensure that even in the event of multiple failures the train will be able to continue its journey and protect passengers.

The Hesan Alkhaleej would also be equipped to run on tracks suitable for heavy freight services, enabling mixed-use services to accommodate the varied future requirements of the region’s rail systems.

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