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The BW 332 Deep Impact ... heaviest single drum roller.

The BW 332 Deep Impact ... heaviest single drum roller.

Bomag unveils new compaction roller

February 2012

BOMAG has extended the boundaries for soil compaction with the launch of a new class of single drum roller – the 32-tonne BW 332 Deep Impact.

This is the heaviest single drum roller in the world, says the Germany-based construction equipment manufacturer and global market leader for compaction technology.

With a compaction depth of 4 m, Deep Impact displays previously unimaginable potential, says a spokesman. He adds that it is not just the operating weight that generates this distinct level of performance, but also other key features that have been brought together for the first time. They are: 32 tonnes operating weight; 100 kg per cm static linear load; 3.3 mm amplitude; 750 kN centrifugal force; Variocontrol vibration system; polygonal drum; and 2.40 m working width.
This combination provides Deep Impact with 50 per cent more compaction performance than its predecessor – the 26-tonne single drum roller Bomag BW 226.

“It also offers 35 per cent more compaction depth with its innovative technology,” says the spokesman. “Even 4 m down in trials, it produced compaction that had previously only been possible using other methods; now the industry has a roller that combines maximum performance with minimum costs per cu m.”

These benefits become apparent on earthworks and in follow-up compaction work. The spokesman elaborates: “Till now, the existing subsoil often had to removed, stored temporarily and then re-laid and compacted in layers; or slow, expensive methods such as drop-weights, had to be used. The BW 332 Deep Impact makes the ‘compact-in-place’ method possible. Specified soil-bearing capacity can be achieved using this single drum roller alone.”

A conventional smooth roller drum would be overwhelmed by the immense forces being generated, according to him. “The drum would sink and vibration energy would be dissipated at the surface. The patented Bomag polygonal drum, however, provides the solution. With its ingenious shape featuring plates and angles, compaction forces are directed vertically into the material with no loss of vibration energy. This creates optimum traction with low rolling resistance. The polygonal drum is also self-cleaning eliminating power-draining scrapers.”

Rolled output increases by 15 per cent with the polygonal drum’s 2.40-m extended working width. Together with the 35 per cent greater depth effect, the BW 332 Deep Impact has 50 per cent higher overall performance compared to the Bomag BW 226 single drum roller, which itself has proven to be superior to other machines in the 26-tonne class, says the spokesman.

The new single drum roller is much more than just a bigger version of an earlier model. For example, vibration forces equivalent to 75 tonnes presented a design challenge that needed the full expertise of the global leader. This giant roller operates without a single grease nipple making it easy to maintain. Its performance capability and reliability have been tested in very tough trials prior to production.

The Bomag Variocontrol vibration system automatically and progressively adjusts vibration to soil stiffness. This creates optimum, uniform compaction, without destroying soil structure, while protecting the environment against harmful vibrations. Vibration can be progressively adjusted to give minimal surface compaction up to maximum depth effect.

“Consequently, the BW 332 Deep Impact not only offers performance and flexibility, but compaction is documented with the integrated BTMprof measuring system, which includes a printer.

“For deep-acting compaction on earthworks, follow-up compaction and dam construction, the Bomag BW 332 Deep Impact sets new standards for the lowest construction costs per cu m and the highest productivity,” the spokesman concludes.

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