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The Sigma Tint logo at Sigma’s retail outlets ... symbol of assurance for customers.

The Sigma Tint logo at Sigma’s retail outlets ... symbol of assurance for customers.

Sigma Paints adds a splash of colours

February 2012

SIGMA Paints Saudi Arabia has launched a new colour service for professionals that not only makes it easier for them to select the right colours, but also reassures them that their decision is backed by the experts in the field.

Sigma Tint is a new package of tools and services that comprises colour and lifestyle concept, tinting equipment and colour tools, and intensive training in different skills to ensure greater knowledge of the product and colour tools and customer satisfaction.

Only shops where staff achieve these performance metrics and demonstrate these qualities are rewarded with the ‘Sigma Tint certified shop’ quality mark – notifying customers that they can rely on its experienced staff and that the shop contains the best available tools to inspire and satisfy every customer.

“The Sigma Tint logo at our retail outlets is a symbol of assurance for our clients that they have stepped into a world of colours where they will also get expert advice on how to use them,” said Antoine Lejuez, marketing manager, Middle East.

Following years of intensive research into consumer needs and behaviour, Sigma Paints developed the concept together with major Middle Eastern and European suppliers to help clients make the right colour decision.

The colour and lifestyle concept brings together eight colour groups with inspirational photographs, trend-conscious options and suggested combinations. The colour palette has been designed in such a way that the result is always a balanced composition.

Each of the eight colour groups, ranging from greens and blues to oranges and yellows, has a palette of 40 shades. Each group has a shade card incorporating all the shades, as well as photos and colour combinations.

The system has been designed to be both easy to use and enable customers to make a choice using the two basic structures of the colour composition: the vertical colour line featuring off whites, fine pastels, accent colours and dark colours, all with the same colour base and belonging to one colour family. This works alongside a horizontal colour line comprised of shades from all eight colour groups, all of which have the same brightness, colour value, intensity or grayness.

“Using this system, customers can make a personal choice sticking to the vertical line for a safe and soothing colour choice, choosing the horizontals for a more vibrant look or combining the two to end up with a combination in perfect balance, whether they are seeking a traditional, modern or design-oriented effect,” Lejuez explained.

Another key tool in the concept is the inspiration book, a high-quality book that shows the complete palette of the eight colour groups. It not only features colour samples but also shows the customer what the colour stands for. “Tranquility, calm, nature or vibrancy are just some samples of ambiances that can be accomplished by using a specific colour – which we have illustrated with integrated real pictures and suggested colour combinations,” Lejuez said.

Apart from the inspiration book, there is a variety of marketing collateral designed to help consumers and professionals, such as colour cards and brochures. The colour brochure is a resource for people who want to compare colours at home, discuss with family and friends or match the hues with the existing décor.

Sigma Paints has also introduced a new line of dispensers, manufactured by suppliers using state-of-the-art technology. These dispensers can create any colour in any quantity at any moment in time with a minimum of waste while ensuring exact colour reproduction. The new tinting equipment offers flexibility, high accuracy, reliability, ease of operation and minimum maintenance. A highly experienced maintenance crew is available to address any questions or solve any paint-related problems.

Another innovation, the Colour Lab, allows the paint store to go even further than traditionally available colours. The unique service developed by Sigma can develop colour matches to meet individual consumer requirement and material usages. The colour sample can be of any material – tile, rock or fabric. The specially trained laboratory staff will do everything possible to match the colour.

Sigma Paints provides the necessary intensive training in Sigma Tint, with the trainee being certified. Consumers can expect to receive knowledgeable service as the shop is certified with a logo on the door.

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