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Khalaf ... aiming to take Reynaers to greater heights.

Khalaf ... aiming to take Reynaers to greater heights.

Reynaers promotes new brand signature

January 2012

BAHRAIN-based Reynaers Middle East has joined the global efforts being made by its parent company Reynaers Aluminium, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable architectural aluminium solutions, to strengthen its brand positioning in the market.

These efforts have entailed a new communication campaign that focuses on its new powerful brand signature ‘Together for Better’.

Reynaers is a global aluminium systems company with offices in 30 countries and exports to more than 60 countries on five continents. By introducing its new brand signature, the firm aims to recognise the unique relationship it shares with its partners, say the company’s top officials.

Commenting on the reason for introducing the new brand signature, the company’s CEO Martine Reynaers says: “We consider our brand as one of the key assets of the company. For this reason, we regularly assess our brand by discussing and questioning our different stakeholders. We survey them to understand what feelings and associations the Reynaers brand evokes in their minds.”

She says that over the last few years, it became clear that the partnership between Reynaers’ employees and its customers including architects and project developers was at the heart of the company’s brand. “With the new brand signature ‘Together for Better’, we want to pay tribute to our unique and long-term partnership with our partners,” she says.

Ali Khalaf, managing director of Reynaers Middle East, believes that Reynaers’ success is the result of a close collaboration between its designers, engineers, logistics specialists, sales personnel and 5,000 partner fabricators, architects and project developers worldwide. “Our architectural projects are the living proof of the synergies we have created with all our different stakeholders,” Khalaf says, adding that Reynaers is recognised as a developer of reliable and inspiring aluminium building solutions that fulfil the dreams and aspirations of architects and fabricators.

He says that whenever a project achieves the highest standards in architectural excellence and technical quality, it stands as a testament to Reynaers’ willingness to think with its partners and to meet their most ambitious demands. With the new brand signature, Reynaers is hoping to take this relationship to greater heights, Khalaf adds.

“By introducing our new brand signature,” Martine says, “we want our clients to know that they can count on us, today and in the future. We are more than ever committed to keeping on innovating to offer them solutions that will continue to set new standards in the building industry. We will always be there for them whenever they need technical support. We will continue to inspire them by showing them breathtaking architecture designed with our products.”

Alongside its new brand signature, Reynaers has also introduced a new creative communication concept. “The idea behind the campaign is that every project and, in particular, every architectural project comes to life as a result of a partnership between people and ideas,” says Martine. “To illustrate this perfect match, the new Reynaers campaign starts a dialogue between the brand and our partners. Every successful dialogue starts by listening to what partners need or wish – and by listening we show our respect for another individual.”

She says that by responding to the needs of the company’s partners, Reynaers demonstrates its knowledge and dynamism. “We come up with the answer that will help them to be successful. With this campaign, we want to demonstrate our closeness with our partners in a creative way.”

According to Khalaf, the new communication campaign is based upon questions asked by Reynaers’ partners, with the company providing the solution. These queries vary depending on the kind of partner – whether an architect, fabricator or end-user.

“An architect’s needs and aspirations differ from those of a fabricator or an end-user. By anticipating the question that is relevant to our specific target group, we show our awareness of the issues that affect them and an understanding of their business. Our response will involve either providing a product or a service that meets customer satisfaction – thus demonstrating our ability to have a finger on the pulse of our clients’ real needs. Our actions will speak louder than words as we adopt the modest role of enabler and service provider,” he elaborates.

Reynaers is a leading European specialist in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain-walling, sliding systems, sun-screening and conservatories. Besides offering an extensive range of standard solutions, the company also develops solutions that are tailored to individual projects. Research, product development and testing are conducted at the Reynaers Institute, which is believed to the sector’s largest private innovation and testing centre, located in Duffel (Belgium). In addition, the company also provides extensive technical support and advice to fabricators, contractors and architects.

Reynaers Aluminium ( is the market leader in Belgium and has acquired a strong market position in the 30 countries where it has its own sites. In 2010, the Reynaers group, which has 1,200 employees throughout the world, achieved a turnover of €280 million ($371 million).

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