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Luméal ... sleek appearance along with thermal and acoustic benefits.

Luméal ... sleek appearance along with thermal and acoustic benefits.

Technal adds beauty with Luméal

January 2012

BAHRAIN-based Technal Middle East (TME), part of the France-based international architectural aluminium systems supplier Technal, is promoting in the Gulf region its Luméal series of sliders that boasts slimmer frame profiles in an efficient system.

Launched on the international market over the past year (2011), Luméal enhances the aesthetics of modern buildings with its sleek and minimalistic appearance while boosting their thermal and acoustic performance. 

The concealed-opening slider has only 68 and 77 mm of visible aluminium frames – which means around 35 per cent less of visible profiles – resulting in a higher glazed area and hence better views to the exterior. This slim design gives eight to 14 per cent more glazed area according to the applications, resulting in a solar factor (Sw) of 0.48.  In addition, the window is basically integrated behind the wall and the number of visible profiles has been reduced from four to two.

“Technal is the pioneer in developing concepts that offer elegance, performance and functionality,” says Hesham Kameshki, marketing and business development manager of TME. “Luméal is a product with a unique new concept that aims to revolutionise the architectural aluminium segment. It offers a versatile solution that is cost effective and ensures higher performances.”

The system allows new opening configurations by combining the fixed part and sliding part, associated with a very slim central meeting stile (76 mm).

The patio-door threshold ... easier access for the physically challenged.

“Luméal’s concealed opening sash concept totally moves away from the traditional sliding pocket window to create new fixed-sliding combinations,” he says. “It is, therefore, possible to produce dissymmetrical one leaf plus fixed frames, with a large section fixed and an opening section the size of a door without increasing the amount of visible aluminium mass. Additionally, Luméal can also be used to manufacture large sliding applications, up to 4.5 m in length by 2.75 m in height with two or three rails and a maximum weight load of up to 250 kg per leaf. It can accommodate a glass thickness ranging from 24 to 32 mm, which is unique.”

As such, the system can be employed to various applications: as a window or a patio-door, two leaf; one leaf with one fixed panel; asymmetrical opening and fixed frames; two leaf with one fixed panel; six-leaf three-rail; four-leaf; two-leaf with two fixed-panels; and dissymmetrical opening and fixed frames.

All applications are offered with concealed drainage, which is unique.

Luméal’s sliding bay comes with multiple advantages, says Kameshki. “It is slimmer, more efficient, and its patio-door threshold allows easier access to physically-challenged people, while conforming to regulations and maintaining tight sealing.”

According to the application, the lock striker plate can be fitted on the exterior only and, where necessary, on the interior, he says.

Luméal’s exceptional performance is comparable to that of a casement frame, according to Kameshki. It offers thermal performances of Uw equalling 1.4 W/sq m K for a two-leaf patio-door (see Table 1).

During winter, it offers the benefit of a higher glazing surface with greater brightness, while during summer, the best solutions associate Luméal and solar protections, such as horizontal sun breakers, in order to reduce the solar summer contribution and energy savings (energy consumed by air-conditioners).

“It has an air-water-wind performance of A4-E5A-VB3, and conforms to the air permeability criteria for BBC-labelled (a French accreditation for a low energy consumption building) buildings with a C4 class; it has a water tightness meeting 7a class; and wind load conforming to B3 class,” Kameshki states.

Furthermore, using concealed opening technology, the system boasts the acoustic performance that far exceeds that of conventional-design sliding windows. This can be up to 37 dB (Ra, Tr) for a one-leaf, one fixed panel patio-door or 36 dB (Ra, Tr) for a two-leaf patio-door.

In terms of security, Luméal has a locking mechanism that is integrated in the fixed frame, which is unique. “In a traditional slider, the locking mechanism is inside the sash and is visible; and it has a multi-point lock accessible from the outside. But in the Luméal minimal sash, the system of the locking mechanism is integrated in the fixed frame that is not accessible from the exterior. This limits the risk of break-ins,” he says.

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