The Sapin head office in Dammam

The Sapin head office in Dammam

Sapin takes the green route

Joining EWS-WWF is one more way for the grateful firm to give back to its customers and end-users after a run of four decades of successful manufacturing

February 2016

Sapin, the Dammam-based producer of metal and plastic packaging products, has gained membership of an environmental partnership to highlight the need for manufacturing companies to focus on green practices and sustainability for the common good.

The company, which has three plants in Dammam and one in the UAE, has become a platinum corporate member of EWS-WWF (a partnership of the Emirates Wildlife Society and the Worldwide Fund for Nature) and has pledged to strive for greener processes in its operations.

Sapin, the acronym for Saudi Arabia Packaging Industries, is also marking its 40th anniversary this year.

“Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of packaging on the environment,” the company said, adding that joining EWS-WWF sends a strong message to users of its products that Sapin is committed to introducing cleaner manufacturing and distribution in every possible way.

Sapin’s supplies packaging for products of household and industrial use ranging from milk powder and baby food to coffee, nuts and juices and air fresheners, insecticides, lubricants and paints.

Customers include high-profile brands such as Nestle, Mondelez, Almarai, Reckitt Benckiser, Jotun, Heinz, Hempel, Akzo Nobel and Fuchs in a portfolio that encompasses more than 170 buyer-companies.



A Sapin container underscoring the company’s dedication to the initiative to safeguard the earth and the environment

A Sapin container underscoring the company’s dedication to the initiative to safeguard the earth and the environment

“Through our association with EWS-WWF, we will support initiatives it takes towards environmental conservation, climate change and species protection and will be guided by it on sustainability and on taking steps towards greener business operations,” said a Sapin statement.

“Moreover, Sapin wishes to inculcate the value of conscious consumption and environmental awareness among its employees.”

The WWF is the world’s leading conservation organisation with operations in more than 100 countries.

One of the WWF’s most notable environmental activism events is Earth Hour which is observed every March with homes and organisations turning off their lights to save electricity.

Regionally the WWF operates in association with EWS-WWF based in the UAE and functions under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The EWS-WWF was born out of a need to protect biodiversity in key fields across the emirates including species and ecosystems of concern in the region, raise awareness on the high ecological footprint and contribute to policy and institutional frameworks to address environmental issues.

Sapin’s membership of EWS-WWF was driven by Abdulrahman Al Suhaimi, the company’s deputy general manager, and actualised by Saurabh Timochin, marketing and communications manager.

“Environmental protection is an area of rising concern. We in the Middle East are blessed to have resources in abundance, but we as individuals or organisations must take steps to preserve these bounties for future generations,” said Al Suhaimi.

Added Timochin: “Being socially responsible is one of our core values. This association will help us put in place concrete goals towards becoming a greener business.”

These include a reduction of carbon emissions by encouraging car-pooling, switching to LED lighting at the head office, supporting community recycling campaigns and modifying some of the plant machinery over the long term. Sapin UAE is Leeds (silver) certified.

The company’s forklifts use CNG, a cleaner fuel when compared to batteries or LPG. Its products, especially metal packaging, are highly recyclable. Sapin also collects scrap metal from its manufacturing process and sends it for recycling.

“Our technical department continually works on methods to reduce material waste and more efficient consumption of resources through material and production rationalisation,” Sapin said.



A plaque marking Sapin’s platinum membership of EWS-WWF

A plaque marking Sapin’s platinum membership of EWS-WWF

Becoming the first in Saudi Arabia to team up with EWS-WWF was in line with Sapin’s pioneering role, the statement added, citing it was the first in the region to produce aerosol cans and introduce computer-to-plate metal printing. It was also the first globally to manufacture two-piece aluminium cheese cans, which it did for Mondelez, earning it an award at the Canmaker Summit two years ago.

The prize-winning can, developed in partnership with a leading European company for packing Kraft cheese, was hailed for its attractive lightweight design and ease of use. Its special features are an easy-open end and a specially formulated lacquer that helps release cheese easily rather than stick on to the sides as happens with traditional cans.

Its association with EWS-WWF follows its support to worthy causes as part of its corporate social responsibility. The company has been involved with activities to raise breast cancer awareness (Think Pink) and efforts to prevent diseases in cooperation with the Saudi National Guard and the Ministry of Health.

Sapin serves both the Saudi market and regionally and is well-regarded as an innovation-driven company. Over the past few years, the company has been involved with innovations for metal cans focusing on creating new fancy shapes for packing chocolates and with ways to formulate double-reduced steel that will make products lighter, stronger and more convenient. The company recently began producing cans for motor oil and has set in motion a marketing campaign to gain a strong market share in that field.



Al Suhaimi Holding Co, of which Sapin is part, has, besides packaging, interests in paint manufacturing, water well drilling services, water pump supplies and installation, manufacturing of water booster systems, piling services, real estate, travel and tours and general trading.

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