The newly-enhanced Teldene B20ML is most suitable for market segments such as large pails and automo

The newly-enhanced Teldene B20ML is most suitable for market segments such as large pails and automo

Natpet showcases Teldene B20ML

January, 2016

National Petrochemical Industrial Company (Natpet), a leading polypropylene producer in Saudi Arabia, introduced Plasteurasia 2015 visitors to the multiple processing and performance benefits of its newly-enhanced PP impact copolymer grade Teldene B20ML for injection moulding applications.

The B20ML grade of Natpet has been upgraded in performance and processability by replacing NaBz with Milliken’s unique nucleating agent Hyperform HPN-20E. In order to achieve better shrinkage control and improved stiffness without affecting the grade’s impact performance Hyperform HPN-20E has been evaluated as a better choice. It also insures better dispersion leading to more consistent quality.

New-and-improved Teldene B20ML now provides converters with better stiffness/impact balance in both machine direction (MD) and transverse direction (TD). The excellent isotropic shrinkage control facilitates a dimensional stability to eliminate warpage. This, together with the improved thermal properties achieved with Hyperform HPN-20E, also provides downgauging advantage to the converters with higher profit.

Furthermore, the use of Hyperform HPN-20E creates processing benefits and cost reduction for downstream converters and compounders. The grade’s excellent stiffness/impact balance with medium fluidity and consistent quality allow cycle time reduction and lower machine running cost. At the same time, the improved isotropic shrinkage minimises wastage.

The enhanced features of improved B20ML grade enabled it as the most suitable for potential market segments, such as large pails and automotive compounding. Also it acquires a leading position in prevailed application of food and non-food packaging.

In the course of upgrading the B20ML, Natpet with Milliken support carried out R&D activities to optimise dosage of Hyperform HPN-20E, evaluation of performance in the revised grade’s characteristics and energy savings at customer site. This project is one of several potential R&D assignments between the two companies focusing on grade improvement, property enhancement and regulatory compliance.

Neaz Ahmed, assistant manager, product application, Natpet, comments: “With the improvements made to Teldene B20ML, we are pleased to offer a more effective and sustainable PP reactor grade to the market, with great potential to add value in new application segments. Customer feedback since we made the switch to Hyperform HPN-20E confirms better quality of finished products and less wastage during production of large pails.”

Natpet achieves benefits from the improved Teldene B20ML grade, in addition to enhanced quality consistency as a result of better dispersion by the Hyperform HPN-20E nucleating agent. Hyperform HPN-20E volumes are four times less than previously required NaBz volumes, reducing storage space and logistics cost at the Natpet plant.

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