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November 2011

Advanced fire system launched

ELECTROMAN has introduced the next-generation fire suppression technology in Oman, with its 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid that has been designed to alleviate concerns for human safety, performance and the environment.

The Oman-based company is the first to offer this product to the local market and already has more than 50 Novec 1230 systems installed and commissioned in Oman, including power plants, co-location data centres and sensitive equipment rooms.

The system developed by 3M is a direct replacement for halon in retardant systems that currently use the gas. It is suitable for a range of offshore and land-based operations to protect occupied spaces and critical equipment. “Novec 1230 has numerous advantages over halon-based systems that make it the state-of-the-art option,” said Nithin RS, business manager.

“Unlike halon, Novec 1230 does not damage the ozone layer nor does its use contribute to global warming. It is not restricted by the Kyoto Protocol and has no ‘phase-out’ requirement. The technology has a higher safety margin versus other extinguishing agents and a faster extinguishing time. It has also been approved by Oman Civil Defence for use in the country and is supplied with 3M’s 20-year ‘Blue Sky’ lifetime warranty,” he added.

Siemens gets Sabic plant order

SIEMENS Energy has received an order for the supply of a new compressor train for the expansion of the Ibn Rushd PTA (purified terephthalic acid) plant in Saudi Arabia for Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic), a world’s leading producer of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals. The purchaser is Taiwan’s CTCI Corporation, the largest engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company in Taiwan.  The compressor train will be delivered in May 2012 to the plant in Yanbu, a major Red Sea port in Saudi Arabia. Siemens will also modernise the plant’s existing PTA compressor train.

DomoGypsum a first for Qatar

DOMOPAN Qatar, one of Qatar’s leading construction and industrial houses, is offering locally-manufactured fibre gypsum boards – ­DomoGypsum – for the first time in the country. Domopan brought in Italian experts to build and launch the manufacturing plant. The Qatari operation, located in the New Industrial Area, has similar factories in Italy, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. The ISO- and CE-certified manufacturing process have added to the quality of the eco-friendly boards which have proved to be popular in the country for their durability and competitive pricing. Prestigious projects like Qatar Foundation, RasGas, The Pearl-Qatar and many other locations have incorporated Domopan fibre gypsum boards as the solution for their high-quality internal partitions.

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