Big 5 Show 2011

Assan Panel’s Istanbul factory.

Assan Panel’s Istanbul factory.

Success panels

November 2011

ASSAN Panel of Turkey will be promoting its sandwich panels for roofs, walls and cold stores at this year’s Big 5.
The sandwich panel expert will be offering the construction market comprehensive product information, technical data, advice, as well as presenting innovations and practical examples at the show.

On display will be its Master panel, which is described as “the one and only snap-on cap panel”.

These panels feature a cap profiled system, whereby the panel connection parts are well hidden, preventing any water leakage and condensation problems. The Master panels can be installed on a roof with a slope of five per cent or more. As the cap profile covers the connection parts, the product can also be used as a wall panel. Assan Panel also offers systems that provide fire resistance and acoustic properties.

Elaborating on sandwich panels, a spokesman for the company says: “These are composite materials that consist of polyurethane or rockwool filling between two metals. They can be used as cladding material for roofs, walls, and inner partitions of cold rooms and eliminate the need for additional plaster and paint. They offer a more aesthetic appearance while offering benefits such as quick installation, waterproofing, high insulation and greater loading capacity.”

He goes on to say that the loading capacity of these panels depends on the density of the filling material, and thickness and shape of the metal surfaces. The metal layers are aluminium or prepainted galvanised steel sheets.

Sandwich panels can be used in prefabricated concrete and steel buildings such as industrial, military, agricultural and worksite buildings, sport centres, silos, hypermarkets, shopping centres, and cold stores.

Apart from sandwich panels, Assan Panel also produces corrugated sheets. These can be used for roofs and walls where insulation is not required or rigid thermal insulation material have already been applied. The company also manufactures corrugated sheets for curved roofs in its computer-controlled bending line, to meet project specifications and client requirements.

The firm has an automated non-stop process for coating both aluminium and galvanised steel sheet coils in either liquid, film and powder coating.

Assan Panel, a member company of Kibar Holding, was established in 1990 in Istanbul to produce polyurethane insulated sandwich panels for roofs, wall cladding and cold rooms. Since then, the company has upgraded its production technology and services in order to offer new products to the market. Assan Panel continues to expand and today has a total production capacity of 14.5 million sq m per year.

The company has four factories – two in Istanbul, one in Balikesir and the fourth in Iskenderun region – which serve mainly the Middle East and African markets. “Assan Panel has been able to meet its export sales targets by taking advantage of economical transportation to the Middle East and neighbouring countries,” says the spokesman.

The company, which lays a great emphasis on delivery of high-quality products, complies with ISO 9001:2000 and EN 14509 standards with regards to both its design and manufacturing facilities. “All products manufactured pass stringent quality testing procedures with standard inspection and testing procedures carried out on all jobs. Raw materials, stucco embossed aluminium, prepainted galvanised steel and polyurethane are supplied by ISO 9001:2000-certified companies,” says the spokesman, adding that aluminium is supplied from Assan Aluminium, and prepainted galvanised steel and polyurethane are supplied by giant companies in Europe.

As a company of global repute, Assan Panel not only pays attention to introducing the latest technologies, products and applications but also shows respect to the environment, while focusing on customer satisfaction. It uses pentane gas, an environment-friendly gas in the production of sandwich panel instead of Freon gas, which harms the ozone layer, the spokesman adds.

Assan Panel will be exhibiting at The Big 5 in Hall 7, Stand A318.

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