Drive Caster, a versatile product

December 2015

Caster Concepts, Inc, aiming to find solutions to common workplace injuries and increase productivity, has created the first motorised industrial caster, elevating the design and development of casters to better meet the needs of today’s workforce,

The Drive Caster integrates an electric motor with an industrial caster to create a single unit that can be easily added to carts, racks, or just about anything that rolls on casters. With a mere flip of a switch, operators can effortlessly move heavy loads without fear of injury.

“This is a game changer because it is the first all-in-one, motorised industrial caster. Sure there are motors that can be added to casters and carts, but we are the first to put them together into one unit for industrial applications,” said Caster Concepts CEO Bill Dobbins.

Caster Concepts offers the Drive Caster with a quarter horsepower or a half horsepower motor, powerful enough to move loads of up to 6,000 pounds at up to five miles per hour. It can be used in any application and in any industry, from automotive to aerospace, warehousing to distribution.

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