Big 5 Show 2011

The JF Furnir facility in Brasov, Romania.

The JF Furnir facility in Brasov, Romania.

Timber experts

November 2011

AUSTRIA-based supplier of wood and wood products JuA Frischeis, which boasts a standing inventory of 20,000 items, aims to showcase its extensive knowledge of timber and wood products at this year’s Big 5 show, where it will target the wood processing and construction industries.

This full-range supplier of timber and wood-based products is setting new standards in customer service. Its impressive inventory backed by excellent in-house production facilities, comprises sawn timber, veneers, panels, building units, as well as decking and profiled timber. This range of offerings includes products manufactured by its group member JF Furnir in Brasov, Romania, as well as those of other distinguished suppliers.

“Frischeis’ modern saw and veneer mill meets the needs of its customers through the customised production of veneers and sawn timber, as well as decking and profiled timber for exteriors,” says a spokesman for the company.

The production location has been well chosen: the 100,000-sq-m JF Furnir facility is characterised by its excellent geo-economic location in the middle of the European hardwood and softwood region.

JuA Frischeis’ timber decking.

“Whether sawn timber, veneers or decking, the Brasov sawmill and veneer plant – which opened in 2007 – is equipped with the most modern plant technology across all production areas,” the spokesman says.

Roundwood in almost any wood type and quality is procured mainly from Europe but also from Africa, Asia and South America and stacked in a 10,000 sq m wood storage area. Some 30,000 cu m fine woods are processed annually into veneer and sawn timber, according to the customer’s order, by its specialists.

Around 150 species are used for veneer production, in different thicknesses levels and some 10,000 cu m of swan timber is produced here every year on three veneer production lines.

JuA Frischeis has recently also begun the production of thermally-modified timber to meet the “overwhelming” demand for weather-resistant wood products. The fact that these are produced at its own production facilities enables JuA Frischeis to guarantee consistent quality. The range of thermally-treated wood produced by JF Furnir includes ash, pine, poplar, lime and beech and perfectly completes the product portfolio,” says the spokesman.

Quality is paramount at Frischeis, and this business ethos extends right from its sales to production. “For example, rough timber is stored up to a year for air drying in an open-air facility, before it is desiccated. Trimmed or untrimmed, the roundwood is cut up based on the dimensions specified by the customer. The leftover pieces are used for the new decking production and profiled timber, as well as for further processing in the furniture and parquet industries.

“In the veneer production, it is once again the customer’s preference that counts. Trained employees manually assemble the veneer deck carefully by hand,” says the spokesman. “Only the precisely sealed joints are manufactured by machines. In fact, recently every veneer joint at JuA Frischeis was measured by photo scan to ensure a fine finish.”

To further reassure its clients in the wood processing trade, as from next year the company’s online store at and will allow customers to view both the sides of each individual item, says the spokesman.

Founded in 1948, JuA Frischeis has a presence in 49 locations in 14 countries, with an extensive network in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, the group has established itself as a service-oriented partner of the wood-processing industry, of the construction industry, and of resellers with a market leadership position in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, as well as in Croatia.

JuA Frischeis can be visited at Stand ID42 at The Big 5 show.

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