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CDE Global’s new air classification plant for JPC ReadyMix Concrete in Makkah.

CDE Global’s new air classification plant for JPC ReadyMix Concrete in Makkah.

CDE tackles water issues with plant

November 2011

JPC ReadyMix Concrete has installed a new air classification plant at its facility in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, which is reported to be delivering an improvement in sand quality and efficiencies in concrete production.

The new system from CDE Global is producing sand for use in the production of readymix concrete at an adjacent concrete batching plant.

The main success of the new plant lies in the effective removal of unwanted fines present in the feed material.

Iain Walker, CDE sales manager for Saudi Arabia, explains: “An additional processing phase was required in order to ensure the production of consistently clean concrete sand. The Sirocco air classification system has been proven to effectively achieve this. And given the water supply issues faced by JPC ReadyMix, this was the ideal solution.”

This is the latest installation for CDE in the Gulf region where an air classification system was the only available option for the customer.

“For operators facing the problem of high fines content in the feed material, the Sirocco offers a viable alternative to washing. Simple dry crushing or screening will not effectively tackle this problem, which is why the Sirocco has enjoyed considerable success in recent years,” says Walker.

Commenting on the project, Mohammed Alamin, batch plant manager with JPC ReadyMix, says: “The Sirocco presents an opportunity to increase the quality of the sand we produce where we thought that washing was the only option – an option that was closed to us due to lack of water at our site. The results from the Sirocco are very good: it is like washing without the water.”

The 200-tonne-per-hour (tph) sand production plant includes the Sirocco W200 as well as a combination of feed and stockpile conveyors. There is also a dust suppression unit for the treatment of the unwanted fines. All equipment was supplied by CDE Global and installation of the system was done by JPC ReadyMix Concrete.

The Sirocco ‘dry wash’ system is a classification system for sand that allows operators to efficiently remove the unwanted fines from their sand product by using air instead of water as the ‘washing’ medium. It is said to achieve the same results as washing in terms of minus-75 micron fines removal. Prior to the introduction of the Sirocco air classifier to the Gulf, operators wishing to produce quality washed sands were unable to do so because of a lack of water availability. The introduction of Sirocco has made it possible for these operators to achieve the higher specification sand products, says CDE Global.

The Sirocco system is available in a variety of configurations from 50 tph to 800 tph in a single unit. This differentiates the Sirocco from other air classification systems on the market that offer single units at 150 tph and multiples of this system should larger capacities be required, the company adds.

JPC ReadyMix Concrete is the trading name of Yousef Aljuryyed & Partners Ready Mix Concrete Company.

CDE Global offers a range of equipment to the construction, mineral processing and waste water treatment industries. The Northern Ireland-based company has seen an increase in demand for its highly efficient sand-washing equipment, which addresses the key disadvantages of traditional units in the region – namely the quality of the product, the loss of quality fines, and operational costs.

It has built a reputation for delivering efficient sand-washing plants throughout the world over the last two decades and has been working in the Gulf for almost 10 years. There are numerous other CDE washing plants in operation in many other regions of the Gulf and North Africa including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Tunisia and Morocco.

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