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KiCE  ... offering innovative solutions.

KiCE ... offering innovative solutions.

KiCE unveils new batching system

Al Kifah’s new KiCE mobile batching plant boasts the productivity of a stationary unit while offering benefits such as enhanced mobility, faster installation and lower cost.

November 2011

AL KIFAH Batching Plant, the only producer of mobile, portable and static concrete batching and mixer plants and accessories in the region, has unveiled a new mobile batching plant that combines the easy transportability of mobile units with the high capacity offered by stationary ones.

The new special edition (SE) of the KiCE mobile batching plant – launched at Saudi Build exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, last month (October) – is now commercially available in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC region.

“What is particularly appealing about this batching plant is that even though it is a mobile unit, its productivity compares well with that of a stationary plant,” says Saleh Katheer, general manager of the Saudi-based Al Kifah Batching Plant. “In addition, in terms of price, it costs about the same as a standard mobile batching plant.”

Elaborating on its features and advantages, Katheer says the KiCE mobile batching plant SE has a design production capacity of 140 cu m per hour of concrete, as compared to 80 to 100 cu m per hour offered by standard mobile units.
It features a twin-shaft mixer rather than a pan mixer that is generally fitted on mobile plant, which boosts its productivity. The twin-shaft mixer has a capacity of 4 cu m compared to 1 to 2 cu m offered by a pan mixer.

The new mobile batching plant has five compartments instead of four available on standard mobile units, providing operators with additional storage capacity for aggregate and sand storage, and thus allowing them to process higher volumes.

“Most plants have two compartments for two different sizes of aggregate and pebbles and two for sand. Our new mobile batching plant boasts an additional bin, to meet the demands of operators for an additional storage compartment for a different size of aggregate or for sand,” he says.

This apart, the plant allows greater accessibility for maintenance by featuring walkways to all areas that require periodic maintenance.

In line with the increasing global awareness of the need to protect the environment, the new batching plant incorporates all the necessary covers and filters that reduce dust emission, he says, adding Al Kifah Batching Plant intends to make these protective measures a standard feature for all its batching plant.

In terms of space required for its installation, the KiCE mobile batching plant SE occupies the same footprint area as a standard mobile unit, Katheer adds.

Compared to stationary plant, the KiCE SE unit is easily transported and erection is faster, involving less time and effort, he says. The batching plant is towed by a truck head while other components can be transported on a low-bed trailer so that the unit can be up and running in five days, as opposed to the 10 days that would be required to assemble a stationary unit.

The company, which is based in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, has seen a 50 per cent increase in demand for mobile batching plant over the past year.

Katheer attributes this trend to the fact that an increasing number of contracting companies are opting to set up their own readymix operations in a bid to cut costs and control the quality of their readymix concrete. As these contractors need to set up the batching plant at their job site and then relocate it as and when they complete their projects, they are looking for mobile batching units, he explains.

Katheer anticipates that the new KiCE mobile batching plant SE will bring a major change in its business and production, outpacing the demand for stationary units, as the new unit is cheaper and easy to transport while offering high productivity.

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