Inficon systems detect leaks

Companies looking to improve their refrigerant and fuel leak-detection systems may have something for them in Inficon’s latest solutions

November 2015

Switzerland’s Inficon showcased the auto industry’s most advanced refrigerant and fuel leak-detection systems at the recently concluded Assembly Show in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont.

The company’s Protec P3000(XL) Helium Sniffer Leak Detector, the Sensistor Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector and the HLD6000 Refrigerant Leak Detector were displayed at the event.

“Year after year we discuss projects with more and more companies targeted to improve their leak detection processes,” said Thomas Parker, Inficon’s North American automotive market sales manager. “The automotive, medical and aerospace industries are all under pressure to manufacture and guarantee leak-free products.”

The Protec P3000(XL) Helium Sniffer Leak Detector is designed for demanding production environments for leak testing components in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, automotive air conditioners, engines, RAC components and other similar products.

The device provides quick results to make the best use of available cycle times and is both easy and comfortable to use. Protec P3000(XL) also can detect leaks from a considerable distance and provides the lowest detectable leak rate on the market.

Manufacturers can cover a wide variety of test requirements with Inficon’s Sensistor Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector. The sniffing device can handle manual and robot-assisted leak detection in environments with high levels of tracer gas, providing both selectivity and sensitivity.

Looking for leaks with diluted hydrogen tracer gas is an ideal solution for a variety of industrial applications. Sensistor Sentrac increases the advantages of the hydrogen gas method and was developed for improved operator-friendly use. A pressure-sensitive colour touch screen provides a user interface with clear logical functions. It also makes settings simpler for various measuring situations and minimizes the risk of time-consuming errors. In addition, settings for a variety of measuring situations can be saved as configuration files and stored on an SD card for safe backup.

Sensistor Sentrac delivers leak-detection results immediately on both desktop and battery-operated models. The ergonomically designed probe handle delivers fast access to frequently used functions through a multi-function button. Probes can be used in rough environments that are wet or dusty. During leak testing, LED lights in the probe illuminate and precisely pinpoint leaks.

The new Inficon HLD6000 Refrigerant Leak Detector builds on the success of its predecessor, the HLD5000, with an updated hand probe that is more ergonomic, lighter, more flexible and more maneuverable. A new touch screen display also uses a more intuitive interface and provides easy-to-understand icons with fewer menu levels. Probes are available to detect leaks of R-1234yf, R-134a and CO2, as well as many other refrigerants.

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