Ali: working hard to stay ahead

Ali: working hard to stay ahead

Technomak to focus on Africa business

The company, operating over a decade, has capitalised on regional projects but has also won a fair amount of business in overseas markets and is looking for more

November 2015

sharjah-based Technomak Energy International, an exporter to several international destinations, is eyeing the African market and sees potential in India’s offshore sector.

The company’s chief executive, Haxer Ali, says the current year has proved strong so far with growth at 30 per cent compared with the same period of last year.

Technomak, an integrated fabrication and erection company, says most growth it is witnessing now comes from the UAE market.

Exports account for 75 per cent of total sales value, the company’s reach extending from the Far East to Europe with Canada an important market. It has made gains in Malaysia. However, Africa is turning out to be an extremely interesting market, one that Technomak is tapping in earnest at the moment, said Ali.  The company wants to penetrate new markets on the continent, especially in the western region. The official also believes India is potentially a good area to do business with.

In the exports arena, the company serves the offshore industry. It has recently started exporting skids and pressure vessels for various activities and is also involved in products related to structural steel parts and engineering design.

“The main reason that some markets are performing better is the strategic expansions carried out by the respective governments,” Ali noted. “In Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE, there is no shortage of projects due to the slump in the oil prices. There may be a slowdown, but not to the level of a recession. The market is still in investment mode which helps us a lot.

“Besides there are revamps or modifications and maintenance jobs which keep coming in even during a market lull.”




The company aims to achieve greater specialisation. It began as a general fabrication company almost 11 years ago and now is moving towards specialised fabrication for the offshore, where quality requirements are distinctly high.

“Our other divisions such as skids and pressure vessels as well as maintenance are very skilled and highly specialised,” Ali pointed out.

Technomak, he highlights, gives much importance to improving staff skills. “We try to concentrate on jobs that are very critical. We are now keen on cutting costs, so that we can offer the same and may be even better service at a better cost in this price-sensitive market.”

The company is also partnering with several companies around the world and becoming more cost effective in order to cater to more markets and face the competition with an edge.

A second yard coming up in Hamriya Phase 2 will boost production capacity three fold, ramping up sales and profits.

Commenting on trends and challenges Technomak faces, Ali said: “This is the modular era as customers want consolidated products and export a complete unit instead of sourcing items from various vendors and then getting it done elsewhere.”

He also observed that the region’s climate is conducive to working without major disruptions, whereas in the tropical region heavy rains, for example, can put business out of schedule.

Rate fluctuations and cargo transportation in times of political uncertainty could be challenging.

Technomak is an integrated fabrication and erection company created to serve the growing needs of offshore and onshore oil and gas, power and water, minerals and metal industries around the globe. It is an ISO 9001:2008 company certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).   It was established in 2004 with its corporate head office in Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah. The group also has offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and India and staff numbers 1,300.

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