The company’s headquarters in Burnsville (MN), USA

The company’s headquarters in Burnsville (MN), USA

Hydra-Flex out with useful new products

The company excels as a supplier of innovative vehicle wash, sanitation, hydro-excavation, and industrial cleaning products that bring convenience and efficiency

November 2015

US-based Hydra-Flex, Inc, manufacturer of innovative fluid handling products including chemical dispensing systems and high-pressure nozzles, announced two new products recently including the Blast-Force 0° Solid Stream Nozzle, designed specifically for pivoting, oscillating, and spinning high-pressure vehicle wash applications.

The Blast-Force’s concentrated, high-impact 0° water jet attacks tough road grime, and its powerful stream easily moves and rinses soap and foam from the vehicle. Its optimised stream quality results in greater impingement, allowing the use of smaller Blast-Force nozzle sizes with lower GPM flow rates without sacrificing cleaning performance. In field trials, customers reported an average of 50 per cent less water used with the same or better cleaning results.

Designed for long life and less maintenance, Blast-Force nozzles are manufactured with stainless steel housings and replaceable nozzle pill inserts in sizes numbers 1.0-12.0. With the superior wear and corrosion-resistance of tungsten carbide nozzle orifices, the Blast-Force will outlast nozzles with stainless steel tips, making it the ideal choice for use with reclaim water.

“The Blast-Force 0° Solid Stream Nozzle is a great complement to our Blast-Tec Pro line of rotating nozzles,” says Justin Jovle, Hydra-Flex product line manager. “Our customers expressed frustration with the nozzles they were using in other high-pressure applications, and this was a great opportunity to apply our technology to a new product, solving the customer’s needs.”




Hydra-Flex also expanded its Switchblade line of hydro-excavation nozzles, adding new options for additional product configurability. The Switchblade is now available in three body-style options: the Switchblade Ace (1-nozzle), the Switchblade Deuce (2-nozzles), and the Switchblade Quad (4-nozzles).  Individual, replaceable, colour-coded nozzle pills are now available in sizes 1.0 - 12.0, offering enhanced flexibility in selecting water flow rate and spray pattern for each job and its soil conditions.

Hydra-Flex Switchblade family

Hydra-Flex Switchblade family

“In listening to our customers, we decided to expand our product portfolio,” said Jovle. “We’ve been fortunate to have had much early success in this industry, and are always open to ideas on how to apply our technology to new products that meet those customer’s needs.”

Switchblade nozzles blast a combination of (1), (2), or (4) zero-degree straight water streams, forming a long, linear flow path that is ideal for trenching applications. Its optimised stream quality results in greater impingement – allowing operators to cut through soil faster and use dramatically less water.  These heavy-duty, high-impact nozzles are rated up to 3,200 PSI and are constructed with stainless steel housings and tungsten carbide nozzle orifices to withstand harsh environments and provide longer life than stainless steel nozzle tips.  Non-conductive urethane coating on the nozzle body extends the life of the nozzle while protecting the safety of the user and sensitive underground utilities.

The Switchblade Ace, Deuce, and Quad were on display at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE Demo Expo) in Louisville, Kentucky, and will be showcased at the Water Jet Technology Association Expo (WJTA-IMCA Expo) in New Orleans, LA, early this month.

Listed on the 2014 and 2015 Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies, Hydra-Flex was founded in 2002 and its products are now used in multiple industries including vehicle wash, sanitation, hydro-excavation, and industrial cleaning. Hydra-Flex is a privately held company headquartered in Burnsville, MN.

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